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  1. As a daily user of Evernote this has been my #1 problem for a very long time. I use OSX at home without this problem but at the office I have a computer running Windows 8. The problem seems to be tied to the Windows platform. Just installed version and to my great disappointment found that I could still reproduce this bug.
  2. Here is my vote for this feature. As someone who has been a daily user of Evernote since '08 I still can't get it why this is not supported. When I first switched from Windows to OSX and found this feature missing in the Evernote client I almost went back to my old PC but decided to hang on since Evernote would probably fix it as soon as they found out it was missing. Now, more than a year later I guess it must be "by design". Or... "by OSX problematic design".. I don't know. Anyway, please fix it. It would make me *even more* happy user of this great app/service.
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