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  1. I wrote about this problem back in march, were I desperately needed the upgrade as i was going oversees and needed offline notebooks. Well, yesterday it happened again.. In iOS I got a "Work Smarter Discount" of 50 % and decided to upgrade to Premium, but the premium membership still hasn't activated (approx. 26h ago). This is the 3. time (out of 3), that IAP doesn't work for me.
  2. Great tip, BNF. I would encourage Evernote to fix in-app-purchasing. They haven't even responded to my support ticket NOR this thread and its 10 days now. I just came back and now no longer need the pro account..
  3. Same problem here - Ticket# 983879 I bought 1 month of premium membership yesterday through the Evernote iPhone app. It still isn't activated. In iTunes under my Apple ID I can clearly see that I have paid and that it should be active. Going oversees in 5 hours and desperately need offline notebooks!! Last time I bought one year of premium membership it was the EXCACT same problem. At the time i was told to try and buy the membership through Evernote.com instead, but what a hassle compared to IAP. (Which they nag you about all the time when you are a free user). Hm, maybe I should try one note instead
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