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  1. If you start an audio recording you lose the ability to tap the text formatting icon because the recording time counter covers it. So if you want to do a bullet list of things being discussed in the meeting you're recording you have to have remembered to tap it prior to starting the recording. Super frustrating!
  2. Yeah, I mean I know where unsaved notes live and I've yet to have a case where it actually failed to save the recording, so I can recover. It just seems like they purposefully made the unsaved folder for these occasions so it seemed to me there must be a way to resurrect them. If not, I guess I wait until I can stomach the cost of replacing a perfectly good device...
  3. I record audio notes for literally every meeting I attend on my Android tablet. I go to a lot of meetings. Quite frequently (at least a couple times a week) Evernote will get sluggish (like the timer recording audio will freeze for several seconds and I can't type before recovering), which is likely due to my tablet being a bit aged (it's the original Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1). Anyway, when it gets sluggish like this when I click Save on the note it says it's saving, but then it disappears from the notes list in the app and never shows up on the web or in my desktop client. Invariably I can find the content in my unsaved notes folder. What I do not know is how to bring those .enml files back into evernote to resurrect them, so I usually end up manually stripping off the xml and remaking the note myself. Is there a way to open these unsaved notes in the app? In the desktop client? If not, I'd really like to request this be a feature to add for those of us on slightly aged equipment...
  4. I tried the tag route for a few weeks, but it just doesn't work for me; too many items in my checklists and it generally interferes with my non-todo tags. Thanks for the assist, I am glad to know I didn't just miss something in the search capability. Think I will just convert from checkboxes to 1 or 0. Keeps my psychotic way of organizing things moving the same and just isn't as pretty.
  5. Yeah I have tried that and the problem still comes that if I have more than one checkbox in a note it's going to give me any note with any checkbox checked. So if I check into work on foursquare every day, but I don't get to the gym every day it's going to show me all the notes. I'm thinking it may just be easier to replace all my checkboxes with a 1 or a 0, then I can just search "1 - go to the gym" and get all the notes where I went. It's just not as pretty or as functional as a checkbox...
  6. I have exhausted my efforts in searching for an answer to this, so my apologies if it exists here and I didn't find it. I am one of the thousands upon thousands of people who like the todo list functionality EN provides. I am aware they never intended it to be used for this purpose, but they gave us an interface that is lovely for doing just that and it isn't unreasonable to ask for enhancements to let us do what we want to do. I keep a daily checklist for simple, stupid little things like "go to the gym". As horribly inefficient as this may sound to you, I create a new note for every day based off a template of standard checklist items. This has worked beautifully for me for months and months. But I am a data mining junkie, and what would be really great for me would be the ability to not just search for checked checkboxes (todo:true), but search for specific checked checkboxes. Doing todo:true just gives you any note that has a checked box in it, and I can't find any way to search for notes with checked "go to the gym" checkboxes because it appears the todo item is independent of the text surrounding it. Am I missing some functionality here? Or am I going to be forced to find a different workflow here if I want to mine this data?
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