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  1. Another restart worked for me. I was able to reinstall Evernote. Thanks everyone for the help!
  2. Thank you for reminding me that I am too poor to pay for replacing an otherwise good working operating system... I did the backup, used REVO and CCleaner to cleanup. But still the install didn't work. I looked for any orphan folders, but couldn't find anything. Restart didn't work either. :s
  3. I got the message about a new version (4.6.1 build ???) available via the Evernote desktop (Windows) program. However, installing it though this popup has never worked for me in any previous versions. It keeps telling me that I need administrative rights in order to get Evernote installed properly. But during such an installing, I am unable to 'turn on' administrator-mode, so I need to cancel the installation. At this point, I can no longer use the previous version of Evernote because that was already deinstalled. So I download the update manually from the website and try to install it regularly. This has always been effective with previous versions, untill now. Whatever I do, start the exe file normally or as an Administrator, I keep getting the message that I need to have the right Administrator rights to install Evernote. Does anybody have the same problem? How do I get it to work? I run Windows Vista btw. Thanks in advance!
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