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  1. Not quite what I had in mind but clever work around. 👍🏻
  2. I often add images to my notes in Evernote. It would be nice if I could resize multiple thumbnails to a set width e.g. 140px. When I add an image in a note the image usually takes up all of the space in my note. For aesthetic reasons I like to see resize my images/screenshots into small thumbnails, it makes it easier for me to view the note. Currently, the process to resize images is to click on the image corner and drag to resize. This is a tedious process and when having to resize 10 images in a note it can become quite cumbersome. It would be nice if there was a way to select multiple images and resize all the thumbnails. As a comparison, the Notes app on macOS by Apple offers two sizes for image thumbnails (View as Large Images, View as Small Images). I would like to see one step further and be able to resize to a width/height of choice. Large Image View in Evernote. Small Image View in Evernote (manually resized). Large Image View in Notes. Select "View as Small Images" to see below. Small Image View in Notes. Select "View as Large Images" to see above.
  3. How can I tell if my file is a flat file or a package? I am saving my Omnigraffle files the same way, some zip some don't.
  4. Hi community, Any ideas on how to stop files from automatically zipping? If put Word or Excel files in Evernote then I have no problem. I do have some other file formats / apps e.g. Omnigraffle, Mindnode, FoldingText etc. and it zips the files. The thing is, it doesn't always zip. See the below link for a screenshot example. http://cl.ly/image/411r2t190r0P - both are Omnigraffle files. Thanks
  5. That's why there are such things as automated, daily backups & versioning. I clearly need to learn more about the automated solutions for daily backups & versioning. Do you have any links that explain the differences between backups & versioning and teach make users how to do so? Here is a couple of questions I would have about backups & versioning: 1. What's the difference between backup & versioning? 2. When I sync Evernote as normal, would that constitute a backup? 3. Because I work so much out of Evernote, if my backup is even 3 hours behind, I could likely loose 3 hours of work. I guess setting to automatically backup every 1-2 hours would be fine. On another note, I ended up restoring all the notes back to my shared notebook. I just asked my colleague who hadn't synced yet to tell me all the tags and number of notes. Then I searched them and put them back. Fortunately there was only 29 notes so it wasn't too difficult. I am very interested to improve my backup habits so if something like this does happen, I can quickly go back.
  6. Thanks, I still need to have some notebooks to share, otherwise, yes I am merging all my notes into 1 of 3 notebooks. Unfortunately, because I have synced, I think this is a lost case. It's okay, fortunately the shared notebook only has a few tags so I can likely relocate those notes (which is the most important), but for the majority of my Evernote home / work is in one notebook. I can deal with that. It's a good incentive to clean out my Evernote notes anyway. Thanks all.
  7. I don't have a recent backup. To be honest, I don't know how to backup Evernote. After this experience I will have to learn that. Even if I did backup though, I work out of Evernote for everything, so the latest backup was 3 days old, then I would loose a lot of work. Not sure if this is the right solution.
  8. Hi, I was cleaning up my Evernote, deleting unnecessary notebooks and transferring notes over to other notebooks. I have some shared notebooks with my colleagues and I accidentally moved all my notes into my default notebook. I thought I only had one notebook open, and so I selected all the notes, not realising that I actually had all my notes open. I need some way to revert what I just did, to go back. Any ideas? This is urgent so I appreciate any support. Thanks.
  9. Is it better to download the App Store version or the one from evernote.com? I don't want to have to do the initial start again, that is frustrating. Will there be an update for the App Store version soon?
  10. Evernote 5.0.0 is the latest in the App Store. I am sure I will get the update shortly—happy to hear they addressed the problem though. I tend to lose track of all the shortcuts I add—but yes, cmd + shift + A for All Notes. Thanks
  11. One alternative is to create a shortcut in System Preferences, Keyboard to show all notes. I use cmd + shift + A. This resets the tag search so you can search tags again with shortcut key. Not a full solution, but better than reaching for the mouse.
  12. When I use cmd + shift + J to search Tags, the first time is ok. But if I want to filter another Tag I need to manually run the cursor over the Tag filter button to search another tag. Essentially, I can't use the shortcut two times in a row. Any ideas?
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