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  1. OK, further weirdness. After installing Evernote Widget and using it to sign in and access my notes, the app button worked once, opening Evernote. But I pressed "back" instead of "home", and it went "back" to the phone app. Once again Evernote is hosed. I accessed my notes from the widget, and it fixed the button again--but the pattern seems to be that if I use the back button it takes me "back" to the phone keypad and strands me there. This happens on both the app and the widget--but at least using the widget takes me to my notes while the app button leaves me stranded at the phone keypad.
  2. Additional comment: Installed widget, it works fine. It's only the application button that no longer works.
  3. This afternoon I installed the latest Evernote update on my PC. This evening I opened Evernote on my phone (Samsung Epic Galaxy S) and found a new "garbage" message (something like "Mi moo moolo mee moo") which I deleted. Now, whenever I click on the Evernote icon it opens the phone app or my Android contacts. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Evernote and no luck. Long story short, I can't access Evernote on my phone anymore. Anyone have similar problem or suggest solution? Geedavey
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