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  1. This is a work around, but it works so thanks for the suggestion. If I close the window and open it again it starts at the top. I just think this would be a cool feature. Most mobile "reader" style apps do this by default, but when you're using Acrobat or other non-mobile apps they always start at the top... silly if you ask me.
  2. Hello Evernote Community!! Does anyone else agree that it would be nice if Evernote had the option to remember the last position you left an article? I am using Evernote for a research essay and I have copied all my sources into Evernote, love it! Although, whenever I toggle between articles it starts me back at the top, this is annoying especially for the super long papers. Keep in mind most of my articles are PDFs. It would also be amazing to be able to highlight and bookmark positions in an article! Cheers, Jared
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