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  1. Try this: Create a new note in the web client. Select all the text and change the Font Family to Verdana. Save the note. Edit the note on the Android client by adding a character. Refresh the note on the web client. The text is now changed to Times New Roman. My suggestion is that functionally on the Android client shouldn't "change" the font for the document in this way. The font should appear the same on the web client and the Android client shouldn't change any properties that it doesn't support. I can understand why it works this way technically, but suggest that the behavior change. I hate Times New Roman . Thanks Jeff for looking at this.
  2. There is no font control for editing notes in the Android client, so I would expect for it to maintain the font(s) selected from the web client (or other clients).
  3. When I change a note from the Android client, the font family reverts to Times New Roman when I view the note from the web client. Is this fixed in the new version of the Android client?
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