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  1. Thanks, I am on Outlook 2016 64-bit on Windows 10 64-bit. My workstation is very powerful, with plenty of RAM and CPU, so I'm sure that system resources are not the issue. Attached the Outlook Clipper log right after I got things frozen one more time :-) Edit: just realized there is some sensitive info in the logs, I will send them separately.
  2. This build broke the Evernote Outlook plugin for me. Every time I click within Outlook to create a new Evernote note, Outlook simply freezes and won't unfreeze. It was working fine on the previous build.
  3. Thanks for the feedback Brian. That is very frustrating...
  4. I am having issues with the Outlook plugin. As in, the Outlook plugin is not showing up. Windows 8.1 64-bit, Outlook 2013. I went to the COM Add-Ins menu on Outlook, and Evernote.Outlook was NOT checked by default. When I clicked it and checked Evernote.Outlook, I see the following issue: I tried to leave Evernote.Outlook clicked, but when I restart Outlook it is once again unclicked. When I go to the Add-Ins manager, Evernote.Outlook is shown as inactive. As shown above, I cannot make it active. I think part of the problem is that a "location" does not show up for Evernote.Outlook: Locations show up for all my other available add-ins. How can I get the plugin back and working? I miss it!
  5. +1 here. (Just bumped a slightly older thread saying the same thing.) Seems to be a very basic functionality that is must-have, especially for many business users.
  6. I definitely need this ability as well. Some text I copy/paste from other sources (mostly Web) is already highlighted, and often I want to un-highlight it. I also like highlighting within my own notes.
  7. sb8636, Could you, please, let me know if you have MS Outlook installed. If so, what version and if it's a 64-bit or a 32-bit Outlook. Thanks. Hi, I just saw this post. I have 32-bit Outlook. This morning I tried installing again; same error. Tried updating through the client itself; same error. Tried uninstalling through the uninstaller and failed (same error). So I finally uninstalled 4.6.3 with Revo Uninstaller, which went fine. Then I downloaded 4.6.4 again and installed it fresh; it works fine now.
  8. Hi guys, thanks for the quick replies. I actually was under the impression that the search-within-Excel-doc feature had just rolled out on desktop Evernote only. Much to my delight, you guys are correct - it's available on iPad. So that dramatically reduces the need for intelligent folder-name-based auto-tags. Chris - I do have a new notebook created solely for the trip. However as I am visiting 25-30 companies, organizing the files becomes somewhat cumbersome. I guess I could have created a notebook for each company, and done "Import Folders" 28 times. But that would have taken a few minutes Yes, it seems like the last suggestion both Analyst444 and Chris have - to simply take a few minutes (maybe 10 minutes in this case) and tag or re-name the files manually - is the secondary answer, today. (The primary answer being "just rely on the in-document search function.") I still think that an optional "set the folder name as the document tag" would be pretty helpful and time-saving, though.
  9. Hi, I ran into an issue today while preparing for a business trip. I will be without a PC for a few weeks and using my iPad. (Internet access will also be limited.) I have trip-needed documents in several folders on my work PC with (mostly) PDFs and .xlsx files, as well as a few other random formats (.pptx, .docx, .msg). My goal is to have all these documents easily accessible on iPad for my trip. I figured the best way is through the Import Folders function in Evernote Windows. I did this and got all the files into Evernote. These are all downloaded to my iPad as I utilize the "Download all notes" feature. So far, so good. Here is the catch: Not all the files are intelligently named, since my coworkers and I rely on the folder system within Windows/Dropbox as well as Windows search (which looks inside .xslx, .docx, and .msg, and probably soon .pdf) to help us find what we need while on PC. So we just name many files with names like "Report.xlsx", "Model.xlsx", etc. When I do a bulk Folder Import into Evernote, the files are imported without any tags. So it is pretty difficult for me to find, say, my notes on Japan Company #1 since, while this file is titled "Notes.doc", so are 15 other files from my Folder Import. It seems that, with the latest Windows Beta (6.4), you guys are somewhat addressing this on PC Evernote client side through built-in document search of documents like .xlsx. However, I still think this would be a good feature: either a default or an option to simply tag all files by the immediate folder they were in. So my "Notes.doc" file that was imported from "Japan Company #1" folder on my PC would be tagged with a "Japan Company #1" tag in all of Evernote: in the desktop, iPad, Android, etc. clients. This would make my workflow much quicker + easier when trying to find documents on my trip on my iPad while preparing for meetings. Thanks.
  10. Hi, I downloaded the installer but can't install. I am getting two error messages (Windows 7 64-bit):
  11. This would be great, if available on Chrome. Would save my wrist from carpal tunnel ;-)
  12. Hi, I have a Verizon Galaxy Nexus and just updated to the latest stock OS (Android 4.0.4 IMM76K) by unlocking my bootloader (but no root). I am getting the error despite it being a stock OS. None of my other apps are broken. Help!
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