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  1. Thanks, I am on Outlook 2016 64-bit on Windows 10 64-bit. My workstation is very powerful, with plenty of RAM and CPU, so I'm sure that system resources are not the issue. Attached the Outlook Clipper log right after I got things frozen one more time :-) Edit: just realized there is some sensitive info in the logs, I will send them separately.
  2. This build broke the Evernote Outlook plugin for me. Every time I click within Outlook to create a new Evernote note, Outlook simply freezes and won't unfreeze. It was working fine on the previous build.
  3. +1 here. (Just bumped a slightly older thread saying the same thing.) Seems to be a very basic functionality that is must-have, especially for many business users.
  4. I definitely need this ability as well. Some text I copy/paste from other sources (mostly Web) is already highlighted, and often I want to un-highlight it. I also like highlighting within my own notes.
  5. Hi guys, thanks for the quick replies. I actually was under the impression that the search-within-Excel-doc feature had just rolled out on desktop Evernote only. Much to my delight, you guys are correct - it's available on iPad. So that dramatically reduces the need for intelligent folder-name-based auto-tags. Chris - I do have a new notebook created solely for the trip. However as I am visiting 25-30 companies, organizing the files becomes somewhat cumbersome. I guess I could have created a notebook for each company, and done "Import Folders" 28 times. But that would have taken a few minu
  6. Hi, I ran into an issue today while preparing for a business trip. I will be without a PC for a few weeks and using my iPad. (Internet access will also be limited.) I have trip-needed documents in several folders on my work PC with (mostly) PDFs and .xlsx files, as well as a few other random formats (.pptx, .docx, .msg). My goal is to have all these documents easily accessible on iPad for my trip. I figured the best way is through the Import Folders function in Evernote Windows. I did this and got all the files into Evernote. These are all downloaded to my iPad as I utilize the "Download
  7. This would be great, if available on Chrome. Would save my wrist from carpal tunnel ;-)
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