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  1. Please help me on this case:I edited the note at home last night. Usually the conlicting changes folder will show up when I logged in my office today. But it didn't and I remembered I deleted that folder at last week. Now the note cannot be synchronized since the conflicting changes folder lost. I tried restart the pc and re-install the evernote, nothing helped! Please help me how to restore that folder. Thanks!
  2. It sounds like you're making changes on multiple computers/devices with out sync'ing. You don't say which client(s) you're using. If you're using a Windows or Mac client, check all computers you use with the Windows/Mac client on it for a notebook labeled "conflicting notes". If you make a change on say, your home computer but don't sync, then make a change to that same note on your work computer & then sync, when you sync your home computer, you've now got two versions of the same note. Evernote doesn't know which one is the correct one, so one will get put into the conflicting notes notebook. It's very important to fully understand how the Evernote sync works, if you're going to be switching between computers and/or devices. Evernotes do not "self delete." My evernote doesn't have conflicting notes any more, how can I restore it? Please HELP!
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