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  1. I've tried so many ways to implement GTD. But I've always looked for a way that's streamlined, mobile, and... enjoyable.


    There's certain hacks I've used implement David Allen's practices, with tools like: Omnifocus, Todoist, Trello, Wunderlist, Nozbe, etc. but I seem to keep coming back to Evernote. And here's the reason why: It doesn't tell me how to use it— I tell it how I want it to be used. And... I can change it any time I'd like.


    If you've read Getting Things Done, you'll remember that David doesn't emphasize the tool per se, just the process.  Evernote, along with your own unique tagging structure, perhaps similar to "The Secret Weapon" (for example), you'll be living GTD while others are going back-and-forth from app-to-app, copying and pasting, only to get wearied by the process, and still not getting much done.  Here's to Evernote...





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  2. Yes, clearing the reminders, in an easier fashion would be nice. When selecting all, and doing a right click, only lets you move them to another folder, etc. but not clear them.


    In the Mac version, the only way I was able to clear them was to click on the clock and clear them individually. Reminders that were from 2013, I found that I had to click on the clock twice, because the first click didn't give me the 'clear' (middle) button to chose from.


    I'm sure with the new release coming up, it'll be fixed. I'm hoping too that Reminders will integrate with Google Calendar. This is the one thing that difficult with Evernote's reminders is that I have a hard time getting a real good bird's eye view of what's coming up. But I sure do appreciate the Evernote Team, and all you do for us.



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