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  1. Thanks so much @CalS I'm sure a solution will come about soon. Happy Memorial Day too.
  2. Yes, I'm on Mac. But I don't see tools or options on web version as well.
  3. I've been searching the forum for an answer & have looked at my Evernote on the web & desktop. To the best of my knowledge "Tools" and "Options" has been removed with update. I too would like to know this answer, as I encounter it every day. Thx in advance.
  4. "You need to connect to the Internet to synchronize with the Evernote service." This is a bug in Evernote right now. Even though you're connected to your network or wi-fi, the only way to correct it and sync, (that I've found), is to exit out of EN and re-start. Little bit of a hassle, but I'm sure the problem will be fixed soon. *Crossing fingers* RG
  5. Premium User here. Experiencing the same thing.
  6. The more original and creative you are, the more you're not going to bore the masses.

  7. I've tried so many ways to implement GTD. But I've always looked for a way that's streamlined, mobile, and... enjoyable. There's certain hacks I've used implement David Allen's practices, with tools like: Omnifocus, Todoist, Trello, Wunderlist, Nozbe, etc. but I seem to keep coming back to Evernote. And here's the reason why: It doesn't tell me how to use it— I tell it how I want it to be used. And... I can change it any time I'd like. If you've read Getting Things Done, you'll remember that David doesn't emphasize the tool per se, just the process. Evernote, along with your own unique tagging structure, perhaps similar to "The Secret Weapon" (for example), you'll be living GTD while others are going back-and-forth from app-to-app, copying and pasting, only to get wearied by the process, and still not getting much done. Here's to Evernote... Cheers! RG
  8. Yes, clearing the reminders, in an easier fashion would be nice. When selecting all, and doing a right click, only lets you move them to another folder, etc. but not clear them. In the Mac version, the only way I was able to clear them was to click on the clock and clear them individually. Reminders that were from 2013, I found that I had to click on the clock twice, because the first click didn't give me the 'clear' (middle) button to chose from. I'm sure with the new release coming up, it'll be fixed. I'm hoping too that Reminders will integrate with Google Calendar. This is the one thing that difficult with Evernote's reminders is that I have a hard time getting a real good bird's eye view of what's coming up. But I sure do appreciate the Evernote Team, and all you do for us. Robb
  9. But the new list view is still totally limiting to those of us who liked it the old way. At best you can hardly see 2 tags. I do believe it's called a "List View" for a reason. It sure would be nice to have our old, glorious, list view back.
  10. As of right now, there's no "horizontal" to vs. It's gone like... Dust in the Wind.
  11. "Horizontal view... O how I miss you."

  12. Right click on the column titles and you can choose which columns show up. Right on. I'll give it a try after checking out an older version of Evernote, (...which I'm synching up right now). #gottaloveoldskool
  13. The older versions of Evernote are so much more visual. You can actually see your notebooks. The new ones.... just the 'name' of your notebook.
  14. The new 'List view' looks more like a skinny 'Snippet view'. Unless I'm missing something, I may have to go back to the other version. I can't see my cool tags and such.
  15. @gazumped // I tried it, but when I re-launched my desktop evernote, the shortcuts reappeared in my sidebar. I don't think I'm the only one expereincing this problem. Thanks for for you help + commenting on my post.
  16. Sneeky Sidebar Poem 'O Sneeky Sidebar... Why do you sneek back on when I shut you off? I would have thought by now you'd understand... (wait, I need to cough, *ahem*) When I drag a note to my folder of choice, You get in the way, and I want to raise my voice. 'O Sneeky Sidebar, please get out of the way, Productive people don't have that much time in their day.
  17. Same here. (......for a second I got excited about this new version).
  18. That's been the one thing that's been driving me crazy. Even when the sidebar is unselected, evertime we drag notes from our inbox to one of our folders, (which we see with our eyes), but as soon as we're ready to drop it in... the side bar drops down, and we can-no-more-see-!!! We have to re-evaluate where our folder is. (I really wish Evernote would go back to it's older version.It looked great & worked like a charm.) I'm just finding myself using it less and less now.
  19. It took awhile to find it. But here it is. View >> Sidebar Options >> Note count
  20. Evernote Desktop version is really lacking. If you're wanting to know how many notes are in each tag, (for desktop, as of now // 12.3.12) it's a no win situtaion. This new version really isn't my favorite. To be honest, I'm really neglecting EN because of the inability to see my stuff. And... if you're into GTD, you can't do a proper review without seeing where you're at in each tag. (I know, I know... "Just use the online version". Then what's the use of even having it on my computer?
  21. MISSING "TAG" COLUMN FOR MAC USERS. Can I just give a hearty "Amen" to all that's been said.
  22. Can anyone tell me why I can't choose Tag as a viewing option. Thx
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