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  1. Problem seems to have been solved by itself. I keep uninstalling and installing it. I quit to do other tasks and when I came back Evernote opened without so far crashing.
  2. Today, Evernote app crashed while I was typing. I then stopped the Evernote app but it refused to open (it crashed while oppening). I then shutdown my Fire tablet. But again Evernote refused to open. Finally, I uninstalled Evernote and reinstalled it again ( I did this operation twice) with the result that it crahed while it was synchronizing (half way intothe process more or less). I uninstalled/reinstalled for a third time. It synchronized fine but when I began working on my current note it crashed on me again. As I am on an Android device I cannot use Evernote web. Please help me.
  3. If you want to go all the way back before this last big complete rewrite (5.6, 5.7, 6) of Evernote to Ver 5.5.2, see these instructions by Evernote employee Jackolicious: See: https://discussion.e...e-4#entry304615 Thank you! I already managed to restore my old version. Luckily, I had in a folder the .dmg file for the older version.
  4. Yes, It can be done. After struggling a bit I managed to downgrade. First, I sent the new awful, white blinding 6.0.1 application to trash and deleted it. Then (I had the driver of the old version in my hard disk) I reinstalled it, but my old app refused to work, and showed a message instructing me download the newer awful disgusting 6.0.1 version. So i did a search for Evernote (while searching just to make sure I will capture all Evernote files in my Mac on Finder I used System files (are included). I proceeded to trash any file with the name Evernote. Then run the application driver for the old version. It asked me for my username and password and it is now synchronizing all my notes. and I have back my grey&dark background. And I am feeling a bit better. If you do not have the older version (I mean the .dmg file) in your hard disk you can download the 5.7.2 build form here http://evernote.en.uptodown.com/mac/download
  5. It is like so white blinding it is like if one is skying up in the high mountains. I refuse to wear sun protective glasses indoors and in my own work studio. New 6.0.1, NO THANKS !
  6. What on earth have you done! WHY CHANGING a color scheme that worked for such an awful blinding light background. What kind of developers you have in your team? I am going back to previous version. There is no way, not in a hundred years that I will ever be able to use your new light color theme on a my Mac. And, since I am, not able to reinstalled the old version, I will start immediately looking for alternative to Evernote. F***! What a way to upset my weekend! JAC
  7. This might seem stupid, but I upgraded to Lion, and I am running Evernote Version 3.0.6 (221382) but I can't figure out how to delete notes, find no delete icon, no trash can, if I go to edit, I see a Delete function but is not activated Delete (appears in grey). It is only me! Should't a delete icon be visible, I was in the other version of Evernote I used. Confused and annoyed! JAC
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