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  1. I'm very new to EN but a few things I've noticed so far that would be great to have: Ability to Share stacks- rather than just each and every individual notebook. A Highlighter pen/marker - so after you clip a webpage for example, you can yellow highlight over the most important bits in the article. Format Painter tool - So that you can quickly and easily tidy up a note that contains info clipped / copied in from several different sources with varying fonts / formats etc. Abilty to Resize an image - Currently if you copy and paste an image into a note you cannot resize. So if you copy a very large image, it takes up the whole note and even goes off the screen.
  2. I would also love this feature, and am a bit surprised that it's not available currently. I.e. why can we share notebooks, but not groups of notebooks? The stack is incredibly useful, as it adds context, as someone mentioned in an earlier post on this thread. I've only just started using Evernote, and I already have a number of stacks. Some of these I really would like to share with others and the current format of only allowing sharing at notebook level is not intuitive for those I'm sharing with. Here's an example: STACK 1: Car Hunting - I wish to share this with my Partner and some car savvy friends Notebook 1: Selling (tips, prices, etc for my current car) Notebook 2: Reviews Notebook 3: Adverts Notebook 4: Enquiries Made STACK 2: New PC Build - I wish to share this some tech savvy friends Notebook 1: Selling (tips, prices, etc for my existing machine) Notebook 2: Reviews Notebook 3: Adverts Notebook 4: Enquiries Made Notebook 5: Build tips / plan This seems a very logical approach to me, and works really well. This is personal use, that very much falls within the 'Project' layout that others have mentioned. As an alternative to having shared stacks, Simply having one Notebook for say Car Hunting, with hundreds of notes, completely unorganised beneath it is not productive in my opinion. Likewise, having multiple "Reviews", "Adverts" etc notebooks is also not particularly helpful as if I share these with the same person, they're going to quickly become confused - it's much easier once things are grouped. I'm guessing this is the reason stacks were implemented in the first place. Someone mentioned they see the sharing of stacks as primarily a corporate function. I'm not sure how you can come to this conclusion? In my opinion, as a personal only user, sharing of stacks is vital for personal use. If I can organise and group notebooks as stacks, then I should be able to share them as stacks. Otherwise, it's only causing me more issues further down the line when I come to share, and have to start re-naming notebooks etc so that people I'm sharing with understand the context associated.
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