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  1. Thank you. Both work, even if I must admit that omega has some sort of style. Gianluca
  2. I am looking for a special character which is sorted after the normal letters. Every special character is ordered before any number or letter. I need a special character to put in front of tags so that when searched they are put in the end of the list of possible hints. Gianluca
  3. Since few week I am having this problem: when I forward a mail to my evernote account from gmail I face this problem: 1. I can see the correct new note with the mail text and attachments in the web interface 2. In the desktop client a new note is created (with the title of the mail subject) but the note is empty: NO mail text, NO attachments Note that I can a small preview of the mail in the snippet column. Any hints? Windows10, client 6.7.5 Thanks, Gianluca
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