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  1. Is it a settled fact that the full offline mode (ie, access to the full database without internet connection) is gone for good? I couldn't find any official statements in any direction. Isn't this a "feature" nearly everyone needs, not just "power users"? Spoils every bussiness trip by plane or outside (good) wifi coverage ... (and downloading every note one may need beforehand seems a bit tedious, if not impossible) Best regards and thanks in advance for any related information.
  2. Could it be related to polishing some performance parameter for the fiscal year? Such a big release gets lots of attention and most reviews I read and watched seem to praise the new version (mostly nearly literal copies from the evernote release pages). I recently even saw it being discussed in a few major German newspapers, which is quite rare. So I am pretty sure that this media coverage leads to a considerable amount of new users, even though the release is a disappointment for long timers. Just my two cents, but this might be their strategy. Best regards. PS. I wou
  3. Thank you for your video and thoughts. Kept me from updating and saved my sanity ... Does anyone know for sure what is the plan for a real offline mode? Will it return (soon)? Is it gone for good? On the release page, it is neither mentioned under "What features are not yet available in the new app?" nor under "What features are no longer supported in the new app?" (except "local notebooks", but that's a different story I think). It is beyond me to imagine that this "feature" won't return, but I would like to get some (semi-)official confirmation about the status. Else it would spoil
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