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  1. yes, the API has been upgraded to v3 the new syntax is https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/geocode/json?address=65+bld+de+La+Villette,+Paris,+France&sensor=false and you can replace json by xml if you prefer that format another way to get coordinate with google (they don't pay me I promise! they just happen to make useful app easily available ...) is to right click on google map and select "more info about this place" in the menu and it'll give you long and lat of the place
  2. also, now that I have seen how much css , classes and other spagettis are in the ENML code, I do agree there is little chance that we ever get this as an alternate view in evernote! and I probably do not want it any more! ... http://enml-editor.ping13.net/.probably is a good alternative to fix some very anoying, recurrent problems
  3. thanks for the input about ENML, which leads to another question ... if I authorize a site to access my EN account, how can I delete the authorization, if I want to suppress it before the 30 days automatic expiration ?
  4. @ GrumpyMonkey your are mentionning ENML, do you mean EN uses a specific markup language that is not HTML ? I agree that my real problem is the formatting issues, just thought that having control over the tags was the only way to adapt to every web cature situation, but if there is another way, I would be very happy to use it !
  5. other app (The Brain) have it. I don't suppose evernote users are more stupid than other ... ... people not familiar with html can just ignore it but it is a real problem that captured notes can not be edited. for example, if I try adding a new line here this is what I get not to mentionned the very large right margin that I can not suppress etc ..
  6. well, this is yet another reason not to use apple's gear (no please, do't hit, I am just teasing ...) here is how it shows with the window interface. you can copy / paste both coordinate at once... but still, I agree it is tedious, the feature request is very welcome, but in the meantime ...
  7. It would be very usefull to be able to toggle the note editor's view from normal display to html. Notes created from webcapture are almsot impossible to edit, or else, you get weird behaviour like overlapping text or huge spaces between paragraphs (as also discribed here) It is quiet likely that a little clean up of the captured html (matching opening and closing tag, etc) would fix this. If there is antoher way to fix this, I would be happy to here it ! But still, an html editor would also allow more edditing features (as requested here) and better compatibility when copy/pasting note content to blogs or other applications
  8. in the window version, you can just click the drop down menu to edit location, then copy the values, dismiss changes for the original note and go and paste thoses values in the other note
  9. with the android version, when a note is displayed, you can use the menu button to display a list of choices, then select "Note's info" (or something similar, the French version is 'Infos sur la note"). If you then click on the line "Localisation", the map app is automatically launched and centered to that location there should be something similar for the Iphone version, well ... maybe, because everybody knows Android is sooo much better ... >;-> ... this would be very usefull indeed! feature request ? in the mean time, I use google map geocoding feature: type this http://maps.google.com/maps/geo?q=65+bld+de+La+Villette,+Paris,+France in your browser (you van replace the gren part with any adress, just use + instead of space, you will get a file looking like this { "name": "65 bld de La Villette, Paris, France", "Status": { "code": 200, "request": "geocode" }, "Placemark": [ { "id": "p1", "address": "65 Boulevard de la Villette, 75010 Paris, France", "AddressDetails": { "Accuracy" : 8, "Country" : { "AdministrativeArea" : { "AdministrativeAreaName" : "Île-de-France", "SubAdministrativeArea" : { "Locality" : { "DependentLocality" : { "DependentLocalityName" : "10e Arrondissement", "PostalCode" : { "PostalCodeNumber" : "75010" }, "Thoroughfare" : { "ThoroughfareName" : "Boulevard de la Villette" } }, "LocalityName" : "Paris" }, "SubAdministrativeAreaName" : "Paris" } }, "CountryName" : "France", "CountryNameCode" : "FR" } }, "ExtendedData": { "LatLonBox": { "north": 48.8774762, "south": 48.8747783, "east": 2.3735811, "west": 2.3708832 } }, "Point": { "coordinates": [ 2.3722231, 48.8761227, 0 ] } } ] } longitude and latitude are the figures marqued in red. Make sure to intervert their order to fill evernote (in this case you would have to type 48.875497,2.342336 in evernote)
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