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  1. Alright, thanks for your help so far! I am switching to Dropbox for this part though (it's for a client of mine). Helps to know I can better use Dropbox for these types of things.
  2. (2) Yep, for me that's a basic feature to use this without having to copy everything, checking if it went right and deleting the older note. (4) JUst deleted the 'Delete me' note! Still not showing up in my trash. Syncing manually doesn't help.
  3. Ok, so copying a note is working fine again. I selected 2 notes, but 'Move to notebook' is grey and I can't click it. Deleting a note from your notebook still doesn't show up in my Trash or anywhere else. (Count for my trash stays the same.)
  4. I dragged it from Dropbox to Evernote. But I've synced manually a few times, see my previous message.
  5. Hmm, this doesn't seem right. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/4833065/Screen%20Shot%202012-07-22%20at%2013.41.43%20.png https://dl.dropbox.com/u/4833065/Screen%20Shot%202012-07-22%20at%2013.41.57%20.png
  6. Even weirder things: I just copied a document from Dropbox to the Evernote shared notebook for testing. The count says 1, but the notebook stays empty. The note is visible in the web version though... This happened after switching from the Mac App Store version to the Evernote download version.
  7. Thank god, no re-syncing everything again. Let's try and figure out what happens here. You can share a notebook with me at: [removed]
  8. (1) + (2) Strange! (3) Yes, it's ok now (4) Weird as well! I would like to test indeed, because this is all become quite frustrating. I use 3.1.0 I just noticed that I missed 2 updates. So I updated to 3.1.2, wanted to open and then got an error that Evernote was damaged and I had to download it again... :S So now I'm downloading again and probably have to sync all over, so it'll take a while.
  9. To clarify: I'm talking about copying and moving from one shared notebook to another shared notebook. And these notebooks have been shared with me, not the other way around. (3) No, I mean saving the attachments. But I now understand that the attachment is something different from a note. (4) So, where does a deleted shared note end up in your account?
  10. I've been using the shared notebooks for a while now but the whole experience is making me move to Dropbox, esp with issues I've been experiencing today. Copying a shared note to another notebook creates an empty new note in the new notebook Moving a shared note makes the note disappear! Saving a shared note to Dropbox gives me its old name instead of the new. So transferring my 100+ shared notes means I would have to rename ALL of them... Deleting a shared note ... the disappearing thing again. Not in my trash... No way for me to bring it back. Can't find it through search either. These are basic things that I would definitely expect from a product like Evernote to keep using it... And I am not happy at all right now.
  11. Oh absolutely Sharing an entire stack (instead of all loose notebooks) would be SO helpful!
  12. One part of my work is to set up a workflow for my clients and organize their administration/documents. Part of their administration are paper invoices, receipts, etc. I'll scan them, save them to Evernote where they automatically go to my own inbox (I can't set a shared notebook as the default notebook - not even temporarily). I'm able to copy 1 note from my inbox to a shared notebook, but selecting more than 1 note makes the shared notebooks grey in the drop down menu and leaves me unable to copy more than 1. Moving to a shared notebook is not even possible with 1 note. I now have 29 notes sitting in my own inbox which I'll now have to copy 1 by 1 (!) to that shared notebook. Not very efficient it seems...
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