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  1. Well THAT was a long walk. @GSinclaire wants the screenshot functionality of MS OneNote. I know because I'm looking for the same thing and Evernote doesn't do it!!

    It's a dealbreaker for me. I'm really surprised it isn't a dealbreaker for everyone.

    What @GSinclaire wants ist not possible wit OneNote. There is no big difference between the screenshot functionality of MS OneNote and Evernote.



  2. The buttons for text formatting

    I don´t think this is a problem worth mentioning.

    Much more necessary seems to me a better translation of the EN scrreenshot messages - Clipper:

    screen120621-234643.jpgOne part is simply not understandable and on part ("Eingabetaste") is wrong. Instead of "Eingabetaste" it must be "Shifttaste" and the first two sentences are nonsense.

  3. OK - how's this for lateral think:


    1. sort notes by title
    2. copy note titles into excel (or your spreadsheet of choice) as a list
    3. use a simple formula (if a1=a2, then "x") to generate marks against duplicates
    4. delete all other titles from list (sorting is iffy, because a1 no longer = a2 even if it did originally...)
    5. find those names in Evernote
    6. Kill! ()


    1. Don't sweat it
    2. Carry on with normal searches
    3. If you notice a duplicate kill it then

    The second one is the better.

    I am often finding duplicate notes. It is mostly (if not at all) my fault because I copied interestings things more than one time in my Evernote und different (!) note titles. If it i an Error of EN it will have the same note title, so it will be easy to find.

    my question: Does the first possibility also work with a big number of notes?

  4. A New feature request!

    I generally open more then one tab, sometimes 5, 10 tabs and I want to be able to "bookmark" them all at once in Evernote!

    Now if there a way to do this already let me know!

    If not, then please can we get this feature added????

    tabs=Evernote Notes?

    Mark them und copy the links (right click on the marked links, paste this in a note or somewhere else)

  5. I think I understand you - you mean you copy+paste the URL and then copy+paste (or type in) a title, right?

    No, not at all

    I´d like you to make on several different pages selctions and clip them with <win>-<a>. Just try

    In your example I get everything worthwhile and I don´t think that the header ("New York Times") is something you really need.

    Your aim - to get a text with picture and clickable URL - is possble to realise. But ...I beg your pardon.... you should try harder because the failure is on your side and not Evernotes fault.

    I don´t belong to the makers of Evernote. I´m only a normal user of this mighty program which I think ist one of the best in its class. In the question to feed any content in it is Evernote without doubt the best. You won´t find any better (mabby MS- Onenote but thats far too complicated for you). In the further processing it is still missing a lot.

  6. My impression is that using Parisie`s Screenshot, both title text and URL need to be typed in manually afterwards.

    Wrong impression and thats good for you. Look at the picture:


    Title Text and bookmark will be automaticly there where you see it in the picture.

    You can click on the bookmark and it will open in your Browser.

    Never underestimate the possibilities of Evernote! Thats why we love it.

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