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  1. OK - how's this for lateral think:


    1. sort notes by title
    2. copy note titles into excel (or your spreadsheet of choice) as a list
    3. use a simple formula (if a1=a2, then "x") to generate marks against duplicates
    4. delete all other titles from list (sorting is iffy, because a1 no longer = a2 even if it did originally...)
    5. find those names in Evernote
    6. Kill! ()


    1. Don't sweat it
    2. Carry on with normal searches
    3. If you notice a duplicate kill it then

    The second one is the better.

    I am often finding duplicate notes. It is mostly (if not at all) my fault because I copied interestings things more than one time in my Evernote und different (!) note titles. If it i an Error of EN it will have the same note title, so it will be easy to find.

    my question: Does the first possibility also work with a big number of notes?

  2. A New feature request!

    I generally open more then one tab, sometimes 5, 10 tabs and I want to be able to "bookmark" them all at once in Evernote!

    Now if there a way to do this already let me know!

    If not, then please can we get this feature added????

    tabs=Evernote Notes?

    Mark them und copy the links (right click on the marked links, paste this in a note or somewhere else)

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