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  1. Not only the new UI is looking bad - it is rather difficult to work with. A rather long tim I searced for the tags. It ist not hidden but its not easy to identify. And so with a lot of oter things. I will try to go back to 4,xx
  2. Maybe he (and BurgersNFries) has´nt found the URL-field.
  3. Already done and no problem at all. Every Evernote account has its own Emal-adress.
  4. What about <win><a>? But doesn´t work in this way.Inside am PDF-file there ist simply nothing what could work as a citation.
  5. I´m working with EN and (!) ONENOTE. The missing functionality of OneNonte is the synchronisizing between different PCs. This I realize with Sugarsync and you can get it with skydrive also (but Sugarsync is much better - I can help you).Some things are really better with Onenote. For example I generate Text not with Word or EN but with Onenote. For me mostly Onenote ist overkill so I prefer for most things Evernote. That is your only problem with Onenote?Normally you are safer with the products of a big company than with those of a comparatively tiny company like Evernote.
  6. Make a Word Makro (or a macro with a special program) whch marks the text until the bank line, copies ist (CTRL-C) and makes a <win>-<A>.
  7. The second one is the better.I am often finding duplicate notes. It is mostly (if not at all) my fault because I copied interestings things more than one time in my Evernote und different (!) note titles. If it i an Error of EN it will have the same note title, so it will be easy to find. my question: Does the first possibility also work with a big number of notes?
  8. tabs=Evernote Notes?Mark them und copy the links (right click on the marked links, paste this in a note or somewhere else)
  9. For Firefox:https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/url-lister/?src=search
  10. The full opposite of clearly you get with the web screenshot.capture of http://minus.com/. If the website is big you will get a huge picture.
  11. And how does it work on the desktop client (windows)?
  12. Still living in the time before the Iphone?Your Question is so ...2007 (I´m still using N95 and also sad with no Evernote on it).
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