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  1. This warning is generated following all links from the Web client. Will it persist? Hope not.
  2. I'm sure there are valid reasons, etc., just switch to opening the user's default email. It's not an obscure feature -- it's sending notes, a core function.
  3. If there is no coherent solution, I'd rather the "Email" feature open my default email app with the contents of the note pasted in -- this is what Wunderlist does. Google Keep shared notes don't go to Spam at all. Either way, this is an app whose user base is a lot of contractors sharing information and I can't just have 50+% of my correspondence landing in spam folders.
  4. This is the problem. Emails I share by the "Send Email" feature are filtered by spam in a majority of recipients' email systems, including many Gmail. I can't be calling around to dozens of clients and asking them to check their Spam folders.
  5. Notes shared by email are filtered as spam by Gmail and major web services. This renders sharing virtually useless for me unless I cut and paste. I realize I can set a filter on my own email to avoid this, but not the many clients and colleagues with whom I wish to share. Is there any solution to this?
  6. Given the abandonment of Clearly, it would be great to offer a few custom settings for Simplified View in the Web Clipper (like the Clearly settings below), mainly color and font.
  7. When you save Full Article from Android, there is no easily accessible clickable link to the source on the Web Beta. You have to click information, then find the URL and copy and paste it into the address bar.
  8. I found the other note: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/79914-bug-with-delete-functionality/?p=338076 Sorry for not taking the time to reply to that originally.
  9. Browser: Chrome, Windows 8. It happens when I delete both current and in the list at the left. I've seen others report it and in fact I thought I saw a reply from Evernote in this forum that it was known and being worked on which is why I said, "any update?" in the note above.
  10. Any update on fix for delete functionality? The necessity to refresh after deleting for the note to disappear makes it unusable on the web, disappointing because I like the Beta in all other respects. This seems like a basic thing, is it close to a fix?
  11. Currently the Simplified Article starts with the highlighter mode active. This prevents selecting and copying text, which at least for me is a very common function. With the highlighter mode active, it's not possible to right-click copy or even Ctrl+C copy. I can't be the only one who copies text for pasting more frequently than highlight it, can I?
  12. Thanks; have reinstalled twice and problem persists. Am very familiar with its operation.
  13. Windows 7, latest version of Chrome Everything else with Clipper is fine, but pressing Screenshot hides sidebar, makes sound, does nothing thereafter. Have tried with other extensions disabled.
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