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  1. Greetings all: I'm rather new to the app, and have had very limited experience with the previous version prior to the V.4. update, so please forgive my lack of brevity or lack of terminology. I wasn't sure if this topic was covered elsewhere, or how to search for it. In the previous version, when viewing a single note, I could tap a small icon in the lower left corner to bring up a swipe-able ribbon of thumbnails pointing to adjacent items in the notebook. I found that immensely useful at times. That feature seems missing in V.4. I'm using it on a Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus running ICS 4.0.2. If it's a bug, please fix. If it's a discarded feature, please reinstate. Thanks, Mike
  2. +1. Used this quite a bit on NoteEverything and miss it dearly in Evernote. Thanks, Mike
  3. +2. My Nexus already guzzles battery, and I kinda know if the screen's changed just by looking at it. Seems redundant. Please permit a kill option or dispense with entirely. Mike
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