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  1. Looks like they fixed this one today, at least for me, with on my iPad Pro.
  2. Thanks JMichael, Yeah, I'll submit a bug report. csihilling, In card view I see the rectangle that says "Tap to Download." When I tap, it just takes me into the note in edit mode. When I tap this in my iPhone or old iPad, it properly opens the pdf. In snippet view, along the left edge, I see the thumbnail (when this is the only attachment in the note)... If it is not the only attachment, I might see one of the others here. Also, I'm a free user. But I'll submit a bug report and see what that brings. In the meantime, if there is anyone else with an iPad Pro, I'd be interested to know if you s
  3. Thanks csihilling, Yes, unfortunately I have tried that, as well as rebooting my iPad.
  4. I have the latest version (7.9.318138) of Evernote installed on my new iPad Pro (128Gb, WiFi). On notes (old or new) which have a .pdf file attached, when I tap the "Tap to Download" area, it does not load the document, it just enters the note as if editing. I have tried tapping very quickly, holding it down for a few seconds, and everything in between. When I tap on the same pdf on my old iPad 2 (running the same version of Evernote and iOS), it downloads/displays the document just fine. Has anyone else seen this issue on an iPad Pro?
  5. I too believe that to allow different sorting methods for each notebook should be a basic functionality. While there are a few squirrely ways to work around this, that is just what they are: squirrely work-arounds.
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