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  1. Looks like they fixed this one today, at least for me, with on my iPad Pro.
  2. Thanks JMichael, Yeah, I'll submit a bug report. csihilling, In card view I see the rectangle that says "Tap to Download." When I tap, it just takes me into the note in edit mode. When I tap this in my iPhone or old iPad, it properly opens the pdf. In snippet view, along the left edge, I see the thumbnail (when this is the only attachment in the note)... If it is not the only attachment, I might see one of the others here. Also, I'm a free user. But I'll submit a bug report and see what that brings. In the meantime, if there is anyone else with an iPad Pro, I'd be interested to know if you see the same behavior.
  3. Thanks csihilling, Yes, unfortunately I have tried that, as well as rebooting my iPad.
  4. I have the latest version (7.9.318138) of Evernote installed on my new iPad Pro (128Gb, WiFi). On notes (old or new) which have a .pdf file attached, when I tap the "Tap to Download" area, it does not load the document, it just enters the note as if editing. I have tried tapping very quickly, holding it down for a few seconds, and everything in between. When I tap on the same pdf on my old iPad 2 (running the same version of Evernote and iOS), it downloads/displays the document just fine. Has anyone else seen this issue on an iPad Pro?
  5. I use Evernote heavily through both a PC client and my iPad 2. Both are using the most current versions as of today (iPad "Settings" shows ""; PC Help->About shows " (272236) Public") and there are no available updates when I check. My monthly allowance properly reset two days ago on my PC client. I logged in through the web client (which I use only rarely) and it is also properly reset there. However, on both my iPad 2 and my iPhone 5, the monthly allowance has not reset. Automatic syncing is taking place properly, and I have used "Sync Now" under Settings on my iPad 2 and iPhone 5. These manual syncs are successful, but the Current Monthly Usage is not resetting. I have also tried logging out of my account on my iPad 2 and iPhone 5, then logging back in. The allowance is still not resetting. Any ideas on other things to try? Is there a known iOS bug with the current version? Thank you!
  6. I too believe that to allow different sorting methods for each notebook should be a basic functionality. While there are a few squirrely ways to work around this, that is just what they are: squirrely work-arounds.
  7. I would love for Evernote to have either a functional outliner or the ability of hierarchical (embedded) notes. I used to be a big Springpad user until they got rid of their embedded notes and went off in other "social networking" directions which alienated many of their original core users. That is when I made the switch to Evernote, even though they didn't (don't) have embedded notes either. I have also used The Guide Portable (http://portableapps.com/news/2013-07-04--the-guide-portable-2.0-rev-2-released) which is a great two-pane outliner, but only runs on the PortableApps platform and appears to not be under development anymore. It sounds like Workflowy might be a good thing to look into for those of us that would really love this type of functionality.
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