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  1. Inconvenience? You only get to use that word after 5 posts on the topic, not after 90+. Try untimeliness in responding. And hire an intern whose sole purpose is to monitor the forums if you're not capable of doing it yourselves.
  2. So just to clarify, I reported this 1 month ago and there are still problems. Meanwhile Evernote 5 for Mac came out, Evernote Business came out, and Skitch for Windows 8 got updated. I guess sync problems are really a high priority for Evernote these days, but lets see if the businesses get a faster response
  3. Evernote is the last program keeping me tied down to windows. Come on!
  4. I used to love evernote updates, how did you guys mess up so badly?
  5. This worked for 2 uploads before it bugged up again. And now I have to re-download all my uploaded notes. Should have waited for a month before updating.
  6. So any update everybody? I have no problem downloading changes from my laptop, but it's uploading from my iphone4s/ipad2 to evernote servers which is bugged up. I've got a backlog up notes on my phone which I cannot loose, but now can't access anywhere.
  7. Just updated to the new evernote version and now I'm having trouble syncing certain notes. Evernote will try syncing for a long time before popping out that there was a problem syncing. Going to sync errors displays this: Note title: Note Name Description: Could not make HTTP request Reason: Could not sync note 'note name'. iOS version 5.1.1 BTW: I'm noticing sync problems with evernote food as well Edit November 12, 730pm: Evernote food is having unusually long sync times
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