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  1. Thanks for your replies agsteele and gazumped ! Generally when I sign up for web services I use Google SSO for convenience (and thinking it was the safe option since I don't have to create/remember easy passwords). Only recently it got me thinking about the mentioned brute-force scenario. But each site implements it differently, so to be on the safe side I'll just follow the general recommendation to turn on 2FA / use a good password manager.
  2. Hi. I have a question related to login with Gmail. So I created my EN account using the "Login with Gmail" option. I noticed that after my account was created, I can also try logging in using the regular email option, putting in my Gmail address. Of course, since I used "Login with Gmail" I don't have a password. My question is: is there somehow a password that was created that I don't know about (that could be brute-forced?) What I would have liked is that EN should say "There is no account for the username or email you entered." if I logged in, but I guess on the back end my account has been associated to the email address associated with the Gmail account I used. This scenario reminded me of one EN user on reddit who complained that he/she got hacked even if they used login with Gmail account option. I thought one way that user got hacked is if they inadvertently supplied a password when they logged in using actual gmail email address, then forgot about it, then they got brute-forced. But that's just my guess. P.S. - since I was paranoid about this, I just enabled 2FA to add an extra layer of login security.
  3. Update on this - Paste Image to Web Client is working again! Now - I don't know what fixed this issue. It's either a Firefox update (I'm now on version 96.0.1) or Evernote web client (forgot to take note of the version version 10.29.7 now). Thanks Evernote team!
  4. @Borelk - I think had this problem and posted elsewhere in the discussion (link below). To summarize, disable the version 10 client from Preferences. One big disadvantage is you will lose the dark mode. EDIT: I also tried testing with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge and copy-paste of pictures still work with the version 10 web client. It is only in Firefox where I had this issue. Well, hope any of this helps.
  5. @craigsdewar yes it was very frustrating. But I can't expect a solution since I'm just using Free version. It is good that there is still that workaround though.
  6. Update on this - I just found out that I can disable the version 10 client from Preferences. That is what I did for now, but I'm starting to miss dark mode sure as the white background is too bright. But now Pasting the image via Ctrl-V works fie. AND I don't get nagged to enable text search in images every time I paste. Guess I'll check from time to time if this gets fixed. Thanks for all the free features by the way!
  7. Hi. I'm new here and not sure if this was posted already. I'm using Firefox 93.0 in Windows 10 and using the free version of EN web app version 10.24.3 In the past, when I want to paste a screenshot in Windows 10 from the Windows Clipboard to EN, I just paste it to an EN web app note via pressing Ctrl-V - it then asks me about enabling image search (which I always choose not to enable). But just last week when I press Ctrl-V to paste the image, nothing happens. As a workaround, I had to save the picture as an actual file and use the Insert feature to get the image in. I tried to clear my cache and cookies, still the same. I tested on Microsoft Edge and it works fine there. Thanks in advance if anyone can help out.
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