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  1. A very good clear post and as you say responsibility clearly taken - thanks
  2. I should be working not creating this diversion for everyone - please don't agree with me. GrumpyMonkey and Scott you both make good points. The value of these exchanges is how often you realise that having started from a diverse position we do actually agree on most points. And as you say we can agree to disagree. I enjoyed the exchange of views though
  3. GrumpyMonkey I have to concede what you say makes sense. A meaningless apology is pointless.
  4. I opened a can here didn't I. To accept responsibility does not imply I can prevent something. I keel over with a brain aneurysm and break a table. I am responsible for breaking that table but if my brain condition was undiagnosed I could hardly have foreseen or prevented it. If I am a chairman of a multinational which employs slave labour in a third world country I am responsible for that. If I didn't know about it and I put it right I may not need to resign but it happens on my watch and I am responsible for it - I'm in Scotland so things may be different. But in Scotland if I buy a defective cake from a supermarket and it makes me ill I can sue the supermarket. I don't need to be concerned where in the chain the defect occurred. The supermarket may well be able to recover from whoever was negligent but I have a right of relief directly against them. Its why they should exercise some care in choosing who supplies their cakes. Don't confuse final liability with responsibility. They are different things. But we're not talking precise legal liability here we're talking about taking responsibility for your product and making an apology when something goes wrong with that product. If something goes wrong with a piece of work I am responsible for delivering, call my silly but I don't scrabble around passing the buck. I accept the client is contracting with me. I accept it is my responsibility to put it right and I apologise. It's that simple. I will explain to the client what happened and that a third party that I chose to sub contract to caused the problem but I will take responsibility. I accept it may different in the US or Canada - although good practice tends to be the same everywhere. Perhaps I will just need to politely beg to differ and go back to using One Note instead. There are always different points of view to every situation.
  5. Apologies flow from responsibility. An apology does not imply they could have done something to prevent it - It simply accepts responsibility and expresses regret something happened that shouldn't have. GrumpyMonkey - you sound like a politician. But they have done something wrong. On their watch the Forum was hacked. Someone may have my email address to play with. They chose the wrong provider. Or perhaps they should have done it themselves. It doesn't matter what link in the chain failed - it's their chain and it failed.
  6. I am on the same wavelength as MLeitch1. I received a similar email. I had no recollection of ever signing in to the Forum. Reinforced by the fact I was told I was signing in as a new member? I am therefore a little confused why I received the email in the first place! On the issue of responsibility. If I buy cakes and sell them on to the public as my cakes I become responsible for any problems with those cakes. Similarly I find it surprising Evernote have not at least apologised. The Forum is badged as Evernote, it leads from a Forum link on the Evernote home page and I didn't see any notice telling me I was entering a third party hosted area. If it looks, links and feels like Evernote - surely it is Evernote I'm dealing with These things happen but I do at least expect an apology.
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