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  1. I have a HP OfficePro 8630 and a Canon LBP3300 and an Epson XP-620.

    Printing to the HP OfficePro 8630 the top of the page is missing

    Printing to the Canon LBP3300 the bottom of the page is missing

    Printing to the Epson XP-620 the top and bottom of the page is missing

    Why is printing so hard and seemingly such a low priority to you?

    Printing in OneNote is not the best but at least I get whole pages.

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  2. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE can we have page numbering on printing a note.


    I have some long documents in Evernote and in WORD I would always include the document title in the header and have Page # of ## in the footer so if the pages get mixed I can always sort them out.

    Without this feature, I would normally have to reprint the whole document again!


    If not the page header then PLEASE at least give us the Page Numbers.

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