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  1. I have a HP OfficePro 8630 and a Canon LBP3300 and an Epson XP-620. Printing to the HP OfficePro 8630 the top of the page is missing Printing to the Canon LBP3300 the bottom of the page is missing Printing to the Epson XP-620 the top and bottom of the page is missing Why is printing so hard and seemingly such a low priority to you? Printing in OneNote is not the best but at least I get whole pages.
  2. Hi Jeff, I wold be grateful if you could move this to Product Feedback. I'm not familiar with that process.
  3. The inference that it is difficult to implement is bogus unless you are writing the whole thing in machine code. If I (a 65 year old) can implement page numbers in a Visual Basic program print routine easy enough, why can't the guru's at Evernote do it?
  4. The biggest opposition to Evernote is OneNote which has page numbering out-of-the-box, tablet, phone, and PC sync. Picture, sound, and web clipping . We should try that for a while
  5. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE can we have page numbering on printing a note. I have some long documents in Evernote and in WORD I would always include the document title in the header and have Page # of ## in the footer so if the pages get mixed I can always sort them out. Without this feature, I would normally have to reprint the whole document again! If not the page header then PLEASE at least give us the Page Numbers.
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