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  1. Hi all, i have a map set up in google maps that i have about 50 locations in an area that i want to keep for reference. Unfortunately i cannot view this map offline in android. Is it possible to import a kml or gpx into evernote so i have the location details available offline?
  2. Hi Pete, thanks for the response. Regarding the paste to evernote, i was under thre impression it would act like a clipper, ie no need to copy. I am ging to map the evernote service "clip to evernote" to a keyboard shortcut. i'll see how that fares.
  3. What do you mean? Does the hotkey not put the cursor in the search box? That's its intended behaviour (and what it does for me), so if it's not doing that, you should report a bug to Evernote support. Nope, no cursor in the search box...But then i noticed i had the toolbar hidden! Not sure what Evernote should do in this instance, perhaps temporarily unhide the search box? There's no hotkey to hide Evernote except for the universal Cmd+Tab to change programs Unfortunately, cmd tab just changes focus, doesn't hide Evernote. I shall investigate further, I'm not sure what you're asking for in your first sentence. I would like to be able to use the cursor keys to navigate the notes list when Evernote is brought to front by the keyboard combination. I am primarily a keyboard rather than mouse user, and it feels clunky not to be able to select notes via the keyboard. Yes, that's the intended behavior of the paste. It's making the web page subject the note title and the selected text the note body. What do you wish this would do instead. Peter, you may want to re-read my post again. The problem is that the note contents is not the selected text, but the contents of the clipboard, whatever that may be.
  4. There are differences between Lion and Snow Leopard, but since the 3.0.7 betas Snow Leopard has looked like this (which I think is the same or nearly the same as the Lion UI), so the different look is the Evernote version, not the OS. Rapscallion must be on 3.0.6 or earlier. Rapscallion, as far as I know the answer to your first two questions is no. About the third, you'll need to be more specific. Are you talking about clipping from the web? If so, that's a question to pose in the web forum, since it's related to your web clipper, not the Mac client. If you're talking about adding text that's not from the web to a note in Evernote, you already have a hotkey for that (see the Evernote helper), and you can change the hotkey in Preferences. Hi Pete, thanks for the answers. I am trying to use paste to evernote (ctrl cmd v), but am getting unsatisfatory results. If i select the text you wrote in your post, and run the shortcut paste to evernote, i get a note with the title "HELP: A couple of questions regarding Evernote for Mac - Evernote for Mac - Evernote User Forum" ANd the body contains whatever is currently on my clipboard? The service i linked to in post 2 works perfectly, but can be quite slow if i havent run the service recently.
  5. Hi Metrodon, i have found that shortcut and that works in part. One problem i have, when i bring evernote to front via the "search in" evernote shortcut, it doesnt allow me to search anything, it justbrings evernote to front. I would like to be able to cursor up / down the notes list, or type into a search box to filter my notes. I would also like to hode evernote using this same keyboard shortcut if evernote is front. Any Evernote people reading this?
  6. I have found a method for clipping text to evernote. Method described here:- http://ww.nik.me/cra...es-snow-leopard Still not found anything on the other 2 queries yet..
  7. Hi all, just started to reuse Evernote. A couple of questions regarding the mac app. Can you hide this part of the interface:- Is it possible to show / hide evernote using a keyboard combination (similar to notational velocity?) Is it possible to clip to evernote via a keyboard shortcut? I have looked, but cannot see any evernote serivices that i can use in the keyboard preference pane? Cheers all
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