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  1. I dont understand this... It seems the note that is critical important to me "disappeared". I use iPad evernote and Laptop evernote and desktop Evernote.... this note disappeared!!! I looked in trash and its not there....its not emptyied yet. and i dont understand where it went. That note was already added to shortcut list.... I noticed the disappearnce when i saw it is not on the shortcut list anymore. I looked in all my device and dont see anywhere at all!!!!! This desktop started to sort of freezed or slowed down...so I decided to reboot knowing that evernote is already safe in the cloud and all other device... after rebooted and I upen up the evernote and that note not there anymore.... this is the possibly the worst day of my life..thsi one note VERY VERY Important. HELP how do I recover it... is there 'file history' on evernote to recover previous version ?
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