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  1. I can only get it to clip URLs, not articles or whole pages. Am I missing a setting somewhere?
  2. Uninstall - Reinstall did nothing. It upgraded me to 5.3.1 Web clipper, but it still doesn't acknowledge that I am already logged in.
  3. The new chrome webclipper extension refuses to recognize that I am already signed into EN web app like it used to ("synchronizing..."). Now it just comes up with the login fields. I'm not going to log in twice to the same service. Are other people experiencing this too? Is this an intentional new design, that you have to sign in twice?
  4. It's hard to react to the new Clipper since it doesn't work. It doesn't acknowledge that I am already signed in to the web app. I'm not going to sign in to the same service twice, especially since you can't sign into the web clipper with Last Pass. So basically it's useless, significantly lessening the value of EN to me.
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