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  1. You summed up the Evernote subreddit perfectly.
  2. You are exactly right on both counts... I remember when Microsoft released the very first version of OneNote. While they obviously knew what it was, they completely failed at explaining to us why we needed/wanted it. As such, not many of us did. I evaluated it and was pretty much "meh...". It was until Evernote came along that I really saw the potential for these applications. And your last point about how Microsoft would experience minimal impact if OneNote simply disappeared is exactly why I would never go all-in with OneNote. It's been around so long that I doubt it will go anywhe
  3. I've tried Notion, Nimbus and Joplin. Not impressed with any of them. Notion is a polished product - but it's not really an Evernote replacement (more like apples-to-oranges, not apples-to-apples). I think the only serious alternative is OneNote, which is overall a good product -- but both times I've tried to switch to it (only for the cost savings) I came back to Evernote. I managed to stick it out for a year the last time, but I was never really happy with it.
  4. Exactly. So many messages here and on Reddit regarding alternatives. In almost every case it ends up being "Oh, you should try [Notes App of the Day Here], I switched to it after using Evernote for 10 years and it's everything Evernote should have been! It's just missing x, y, and z - it doesn't sync well and they are working on a web clipper that may be almost as good as Evernote's eventually. Their editor kind of sucks but they have a roadmap showing it may be usable in the future!" Obviously that's exaggerated, but there is a very common trend to all the alternative recommendation
  5. My thoughts exactly. Even when a software/service is "free", I prefer a paid level or alternate product. I feel that I can hold a company accountable if I'm paying for their product (or take my money elsewhere).
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