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  1. In addition to what Mike P said -- if your browser is set to clear cache/cookies upon exit (not uncommon, I always do that for security purposes) then it won't matter if the "remember me" box is ticked or now. If the box is ticked and you aren't clearing cookies, you should remain logged-in for the 30-days.
  2. To be legally binding as a contract in the United States (where I studied law), a promise must be exchanged for adequate consideration. Evernote has provided you a promise of their current "free" service (subject to change). As a non-paying user you are providing no consideration (e.g. money) to Evernote. Thus, no contract.
  3. I grasped what you wrote perfectly fine. Perhaps I didn't convey my message properly. I understand that you have no issue with a company making a profit - which is great because otherwise there would be no companies and certainly no competition otherwise. What I was trying to say is a for-profit company owes nothing to a non-paying user of their service. The company does not need you and , in fact, you are costing the company money. Evernote is providing a charity service to you (and other freeloaders). It's not out of the kindness of their heart - but as an attempt to convince those users to actually pay for higher levels of service with additional benefits and features. It's not personal at all. EN offers a free service and it's 100% your right to use that service. I also use the term "freeloaders" not as an insult, but as a shortened version of "users currently on the free plan" which gets tedious to write. But the term is still accurate whether you like it or not ("a person who takes advantage of others' generosity without giving anything in return"). I'm not on Evernote's payroll and it's not my job to make the company "appealing". If they want to hire me on as the VP of Marketing, I'd consider their offer. Lets be honest here, you have no intent of "supporting the company"... e.g. paying for a subscription plan. If so, you'd already be paying and not concerned about device limits.
  4. You aren't a "customer". You are a person using a free product. Giving services away for free is not a sustainable business model unless a company is profiting from you elsewhere (e.g. mining your data for profit like Google, Facebook, etc.), As such, free services are subject to change at the whim of the company. They don't owe you anything, even an explanation. When I'm evaluating software or services I always prefer to pay for something. In doing so I have the ability to hold the company accountable for their service and I'll take my money elsewhere. If enough paying customers take their business elsewhere, the company will be out of business. If enough non-paying users take their "business" elsewhere, the company benefits. In the case of Evernote, the freeloaders are subsidized by the paying subscribers. I'm sure EN realizes they can only bleed a finite amount of money from us in order to cover company expenses and make some profit before we abandon ship and look for an alternative. Personally, I'd rather see Evernote have NO free tier and encourage EN to charge a more reasonable price for all plans. Give new users 30-days, or even 60-days, for free. Then charge something like $1.99/month for a limited plan - and then scale up from there.
  5. Google makes it far easier to interface with their calendar than Apple does. I use Apple calendar myself so I'd love to see Evernote include that in the future, but it makes sense that they started with Google.
  6. Support won't/can't help... I went through the same situation myself. I cancelled Premium a couple months ago (it ends tomorrow). Changed my mind and thought I'd subscribe to the new Professional. NOPE... The only option is to wait for my cancelled subscription to completely end - and then sign up for a new plan. This info is from support. I don't even care about the cost. I'm just begging Evernote to take my money. They don't want it unless it's under their terms. It's asinine.
  7. I think I did it many years ago by setting the Apple calendar to "Public" and adding the URL to Google Calendar. Didn't seem overly secure to me. There may be a better way though, so I'll keep looking.
  8. Have you actually done this? I'm not aware of any reliable way to sync Apple calendar TO Google calendar (it's easy to sync FROM Google to Apple though). I'd love to learn how to do so if it's possible. Otherwise I'm with DTLow; The EN calendar feature is useless to me.
  9. You summed up the Evernote subreddit perfectly.
  10. You are exactly right on both counts... I remember when Microsoft released the very first version of OneNote. While they obviously knew what it was, they completely failed at explaining to us why we needed/wanted it. As such, not many of us did. I evaluated it and was pretty much "meh...". It was until Evernote came along that I really saw the potential for these applications. And your last point about how Microsoft would experience minimal impact if OneNote simply disappeared is exactly why I would never go all-in with OneNote. It's been around so long that I doubt it will go anywhere soon, but there's no guarantee the next CEO or product manager hired doesn't decide otherwise. Evernote can't live without Evernote, so as long as they don't run the business into bankruptcy, I feel my data is safe.
  11. I've tried Notion, Nimbus and Joplin. Not impressed with any of them. Notion is a polished product - but it's not really an Evernote replacement (more like apples-to-oranges, not apples-to-apples). I think the only serious alternative is OneNote, which is overall a good product -- but both times I've tried to switch to it (only for the cost savings) I came back to Evernote. I managed to stick it out for a year the last time, but I was never really happy with it.
  12. Exactly. So many messages here and on Reddit regarding alternatives. In almost every case it ends up being "Oh, you should try [Notes App of the Day Here], I switched to it after using Evernote for 10 years and it's everything Evernote should have been! It's just missing x, y, and z - it doesn't sync well and they are working on a web clipper that may be almost as good as Evernote's eventually. Their editor kind of sucks but they have a roadmap showing it may be usable in the future!" Obviously that's exaggerated, but there is a very common trend to all the alternative recommendations.
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