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  1. I just discovered another problem.... If on the iPad you dbl click home button to see what apps are open (or to close apps) and Evernote is open.... Then what ever note was the last one viewed is there for perfectly clear viewing. Encrypted text is UN-encrypted for the anyone to see.....
  2. I'm having the same problem. If the last note that was opened had encrypted text then when you reopen the app it also shows the UNencrypted text ....... It makes both a password and encrypted texted useless!! I rely on Evernote as a second brain. I really really need this glitch worked out.
  3. Not sure if this would work for you or not but I was looking for something similar. My work around was to use aNote app on iPad. I can lock specific folders that then sync with Evernote. I password locked Evernote on my iPad so if someone does need to get to my Evernote notes I let them access it thru aNote not the Evernote app on the iPad. But I do really wish that the locked folders in aNote would automatically be locked folders in Evernote that way they would also be locked on the desktop or web. I will also add that I don't share my iPad with my family. Im actually very protective of it and really do not like any one else using it. I have used the encrypting text for some things but it really is not practical for "journal" like note. I realize that Evernote isn't really intended to be used as journal but it actually works very well for me.
  4. Is there a way to make the text smaller??? Thanks
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