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  1. I also have this error, tried many different ways but no dice each time, I guess it will never work as 2.0 is the "supported" app now. Thankfully I Have FTP space I can use (and that skitch accepts!), I would recommend it for a number of reasons if you dont have it already.
  2. yes you are expected to launch the app in this manner each time, if it helps keep it in the dock or just go back to the older , superior version available from here: http://evernote.com/skitch/
  3. Noxxee

    mac Skitch 2.0 - Mac

    haha wow that makes no sense, I am not sure if I should be frustrated with him or just pity him for having to sell a ridiculous statement.
  4. nice work bringing out the update but by the time you fulfil all the features requested you will be left with a product we had years ago (that you replaced with Skitch 2.0). Full circle and how many man hours later? naturally I wouldn't expect any developer to admit that it's far more cost effective to revert back but if you insist on ploughing on please aspire to reach the same level of UI friendliness and functionality as Skitch 1.
  5. Noxxee

    mac Skitch 2.0 - Mac

    Been using skitch since beta, I cant say too much more than what was said here but you took all the unique minor UI concepts that made skitch amazing and easy to use and you churned out this chunky abomination. I have downgraded and hope you have the decency to keep supporting the old version. I dont understand why a company takes something perfectly good and trashes it in the name of change. Are your developers that scared of being made redundant they feel they should keep programming if even for the worse? I mean look at the preferences for the new version its 2 tabs and one of these only has a checkbox, alarm bells should have rang then. -No option to keep it in menu bar only despite it being a lightweight utility. -No longer able to drag images onto canvas, must be "opened" via menus -No longer able to click to resize 1.1 and see on your screen pixel for pixel on your screen how big itll be when you export. -No more FTP support (not selling enough premium memberships?) -Buttons are not larger and more obnoxious and there are fewer of them. -No longer able to capture a webpage from safari in it's entirety without scrolling with a single click (this itself is VERY valuable to many and is the sole purpose of a few apps) I'm glad louder voices than mine feel the same way: When Updates Make Things Worse: Evernote’s Skitch 2.0 Look at what you released and compare it to the following, there is so much more utility and power in the old version and it does it from an un-intrusive menubar icon: I am using the old one at the moment unfortunately there was nothing comparable software to skitch which why it WAS so amazing. Hopefully someone takes advantage of this and brings it back with better support for 10.7.2. I think Evernote do great work though but for some reason no company seems to immune to "fixing things that work great" in this manner. Thanks for listening to our voice guys, ill always remain a premium evernote subscriber and had no qualms with my photos being uploaded to evernote however this should not be the sole method.
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