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  1. Thank you for responding. What I am referring to is when you click on a notebook (sorry, didn't mean to say note) in EN mac, on the left column it shows all the tags that apply to that notebook. This isn't in either iOS app. You have to click on the note then it shows the corresponding tag. Therefore, I use stacks and notebooks to drill down to what I am looking for. I would use tags if they worked the same way visually in ios.
  2. Please excuse me if this has been discussed in the many debates of tags vs notebooks. If it has please direct me to the exact post as I can't find one. The reason I don't like tags is the way they are set up in iPad and iPhone makes them to me very user unfriendly. In other words, on EN in mac, you can click on a note and it shows the corresponding tags. With the both iOS devices, you don't had this. Instead you have to use the "Tag" option which list far to many tags and you can only click on one vs narrowing it down. Again, if this has been discussed please show me and if I am missing something would love to hear. I am trying to find a way to use tags but just having trouble with the workflow on the iOS devices.
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