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  1. Yes I know, I just posted here to see if anyone else using Evernote knew how to turn it off. By your reply, It seems like I'm not the only one not finding a way to do that. So I guess that feature doesn't exist. Thanks for your reply.
  2. I understand the use for an indicator for that. I think there are better ways to show that information (like a small symbol or something). I have OCD so this clutter is a big deal for me personally :/
  3. Hi fellow Evernoters, This is my first post at the forum so please, please forgive me if I post this in the wrong part of the forum. I have a Mac computer, just updated to Version 6.2 and had a heart attack when I saw that all my notebooks in shortcut sidemenu have the text "(Local Notebook)" after the notebook name. This is driving me nuts. Please tell me that I am blind and have missed the setting to turn this off? I can't find it...
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