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  1. Frankly, I don't understand all this fuss over "mind maps". Let's get one thing straight first. Are we talking about the traditional, over-hyped, single-parent "radial" mind map made popular by Tony Buzan, as in Mind On Track? Or are we talking about a "network" design that allows one to create hierarchies of parent/child notes with multiple links between them? Taking radial mind maps first, their only real claim to fame is that a user should be able not just to allocate children of the central topic like spokes on a wheel, but also to spatially cluster said children meaningfully (afaik only Mind Manager does this properly) as well as have subchildren (descendants) coming off them. If we make a cut in this "wheel" and straighten it out into a vertical line, we end up with a simple outline. EN already provides this in the form of a hierarchical tag list. You could allocate one tag per note if you wish. If you are hell bent on creating a mind map, by all means do so using some other app, and keep a screen capture program handy (I use Jing) to make copies of your map and update the existing one already stored in your Note as you edit it in your mind mapper app. As far as "network" type mind maps go, with proper multiparent trees, etc. you can also create one in EN using keywords and/or tags. See my post here with valuable contributions made by May, JBenson2, gazumped and others. No matter how eloquent your mind map is, it becomes impossible to view it all together (a fundamental requirement) after it reaches a certain size, so you might as well accept this and create several "views" (PersonalBrain attempts this), storing screenshots in EN. At heart, EN is a card file, aka "flat file" database, like a Rolodex, but encrusted with added bells and whistles such as stacks and tags. Trying to graft on mind mapping features would be to compromise on speed and basic efficiency.
  2. FWIW, I was initially impressed with Clearly until I discovered it was nothing but an overlay (like a filter) on top of the main page. As a result I've dumped Clearly and gone back to what I used to do, namely either highlight selected paragraphs and paste as plain or rich text, or save the whole page as an MHT file using UnMHT, a Firefox plugin. A better alternative if available is to look for a link to a printable version of the same page, and download that instead. I'm against bloating up EN with embedded Web pages. Instead, I installed Path Copy Copy, adjusted the options so that Copy Internet Path appeared in Explorer's RH context menu, then when I wanted to look at a web page or any other text file I'd downloaded and stored on my hard drive, I'd use Path Copy Copy to grab its local url (in the form of file://C:/[filepath]), then paste it directly into an EN Note. Thus, instead of appearing in EN, the Web page appears in my browser, with all the added plugins that can take advantage of it.
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