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  1. Evernote has built-in attribute of location where a note is created. Also Evernote has reminder feature which is replacing the traditional calendar on many's smart phones. It might be even greater to go one step further to combine both to a Location-Aware-Reminder. For example, I go to COSTCO every weekend for groceries. I expect a feature works this way. 1. I create a wish list at home. In the location attribute, I manually enters a location (info may grabbed from Google Earth by user manually). It is better to have a custom list of point-of-interest. 2. I add a reminder to the note, say 10am on Saturday. Then all set. How I expect EN to work is 1. Anytime if I happen closely enough to COSTCO, (within 1KM, or whatever), the reminder pops up to reminder me I have something to do at this location. 2. If the real-time location monitoring is too complex, I expect EN provides a feature to sort reminder based on location. In this case, I may forget I have plan to COSTCO. But I happen to check my EN and sort the reminders by location. EN figures out COSTCO is the closest location currently and it says "Hey, you have a plan to go COSTCO which is close by. You may want to go there now". I believe this feature would greatly improve our daily life and makes us more efficient. Moreover, it avoids a lot driving which helps to protect our earth by less emission.
  2. Re: Default Font. I found this useful. Windows Desktop client Under Tools > Options > Note tab > Note Editor font > {Choose font} and {size} and click OK. Does this set your default font? Please try and let me know. Setting font in Windows client only effective within Windows client. It does not change the font of note itself. In other platforms, note is always rendered using default font on that platform.
  3. I've been with EN as a premium users for 2 years. EN is awesome. Was using Google Docs to keep most of my work related technical notes. Compared to GD, EN is better on offline editing and organization. The only running after GD is rich edit feature. I totally understand EN was developed as a lightweight note taking app rather than a word-like application. But I believe with more and more users are utilizing EN into work, especially EN business tends to interest business users, rich editing or formatting becomes more important. I am not expecting a word-like app, but I am really looking forward these features 1. Adjust line height. Default single line height makes text crowded 2. Align using TAB which has been implemented in browser-based Google Drive. 3. Adding background color to highlight text which has been implemented by EN on iOS 4. Choose default font. The default font in EN/Win is for displaying in windows client only. I prefer to use verdana as default font but that requires me to manually set font for every single note. Still EN is a great product and from my perspective I would use it more and more. If EN could enhance rich edit features, I really think it would be a killer to Office 360 and iWorks or even Google Drive given that most people use word processing at most of the time.
  4. I have both EN and Skitch installed. I have some annotated photos in Skitch and I've already set the notebook to Skitch. I am expecting within EN, I should be able to see those photos under that notebook named "Skitch". However, that notebook is empty.
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