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  1. Evernote has built-in attribute of location where a note is created. Also Evernote has reminder feature which is replacing the traditional calendar on many's smart phones. It might be even greater to go one step further to combine both to a Location-Aware-Reminder. For example, I go to COSTCO every weekend for groceries. I expect a feature works this way. 1. I create a wish list at home. In the location attribute, I manually enters a location (info may grabbed from Google Earth by user manually). It is better to have a custom list of point-of-interest. 2. I add a reminder to the note, say 10am on Saturday. Then all set. How I expect EN to work is 1. Anytime if I happen closely enough to COSTCO, (within 1KM, or whatever), the reminder pops up to reminder me I have something to do at this location. 2. If the real-time location monitoring is too complex, I expect EN provides a feature to sort reminder based on location. In this case, I may forget I have plan to COSTCO. But I happen to check my EN and sort the reminders by location. EN figures out COSTCO is the closest location currently and it says "Hey, you have a plan to go COSTCO which is close by. You may want to go there now". I believe this feature would greatly improve our daily life and makes us more efficient. Moreover, it avoids a lot driving which helps to protect our earth by less emission.
  2. I have both EN and Skitch installed. I have some annotated photos in Skitch and I've already set the notebook to Skitch. I am expecting within EN, I should be able to see those photos under that notebook named "Skitch". However, that notebook is empty.
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