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  1. I don't understand how after 4 years, this is still a feature missing from the app? It's so basic, I can do more formatting in this forum post than I can in the Evernote Android app. I've switched to using Microsoft OneNote for note taking on-the-go, because I can do the same text formatting on my Android as I can on the PC, and without all the formatting getting messed up on the PC when I do (unlike Evernote).
  2. It's been nearly 2 years, and yet this issue still hasn't been addressed? Still looking for comments on a timeline from the Evernote team. I've started using other programs for notes where I know I'll be editing on both desktop and Android and formatting matters
  3. What amazes me is just how long this port we keep getting told is in the works is taking. I can't think the dev team for tools like LectureNotes and Papyrus are near as big or well funded as Evernote, yet they've been able to build wonderful tools that are essentially very similar to Penultimate. I do use them, and love them. However, the ability to have all my notes and doodles automatically and seamlessly synced with the Evernote I use every day is what I really want Penultimate for.
  4. Any idea when this issue will be addressed? It's really quite annoying to format a document on the PC or web with font sizes and colours, and then open it for editing on my Android tablet (Galaxy Note 10.1) and have all of that format stripped away so only the bold, italics, and strikethrough remains.
  5. My experience is that if I format my text in the Windows desktop app, if I then open the note to editing on Android all the formatting that isn't available on Android (font, font size, font colours) will be lost. This is a major annoyance as I like my notes to be clean and readable, and that tends to be difficult when all the text is the same font, size, and colour and only bold, italic, or underlined.
  6. Yeah. Especially when they release a somewhat major update for it for the iPad the other day. It's not like iOS devices offer anything special that isn't available with Android (for the purpose of this app). If anything, the existence of Wacom stylus-based devices (like the Galaxy Note series) should make this product more suited to Android than iOS.
  7. Just wondering if we'll ever get a "Print to Evernote" option/driver for Windows like there is on the Mac. I'd love to easily be able to easily copy the contents of documents from programs like MS Word, Excel, etc. to Evernote while at work. Simply embedding the document (as is currently possible) isn't always the best option, especially if I want to be able to access and view those documents while on my Android device. The ability to print to Evernote would be incredibly helpful in this way. One of my co-workers (a big fan of Evernote) recently had MS OneNote installed on his work PC, because this kind of functionality doesn't exist in EN.
  8. Just want to bring this to the forefront again, as it's been over a year and this functionality still hasn't been added. I really don't see why the Android app can't have all of the functionality of the web and desktop apps. As it stands, this makes compatibility between platforms an issue if you intend to edit a note on both the web/desktop as well as Android.
  9. I too would love to see Penultimate on Android. It's the perfect compliment to Evernote on a tablet, and is especially well suited to the Samsung Galaxy Note line of products.
  10. Is it possible to share that development with people who'd LOVE to beta test things for you? Agreed. Penultimate seems the ideal app for all those Galaxy Note devices (like my Note 10.1) that Samsung is selling so well. If possible, please include pen pressure support on the Android version. I'd love to test it for you!
  11. Am I missing something, or is there no way to format text as Strikethrough, nor change the font, text colour or alignment through the Android app? Most of the other formatting options seem to be available (beyond tables which I could see being difficult).
  12. I'd like to make a feature request related to Evernote Widget: It would be nice to have an option to view related notes in the widget as a list, with the vertical widget scroll feature available in most launchers (and I believe built into the stock ICS launcher) supported. This would allow viewing of more than the 3 notes that are currently visible per-page on the large widget, and quickly allow access to the notes we want right from our homescreens.
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