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  1. Whoops, sorry -- "notebooks." Which are, effectively, folders (at least for me).
  2. I have found an absolutely wonderful use of Evernote in conjunction with my e-mail. Granted, it may only apply to people who use (or used) e-mail the way I did.... I found that I was using e-mail for three different things: Sending and receiving messages (duh) Keeping a to-do list -- that's what my inbox did An information-storage system -- I saved messages that contained some information I wanted to keep for future reference (e.g., an account number, an address, etc.) I found that #1 and #2 worked just fine for me; I'm good about keeping my inbox down to size. But I was also using my e-mail apps to store lots and lots of notes containing some small bit of info I might need sometime -- account or login info, people's contact data, various tidbits of information, even jokes. Even with a decent folder structure, though, e-mail apps really aren't made for storing information you need to get at. That's not what e-mail does. I could save each of those messages as a separate file ("Dad's_Dropbox_login.txt"), but that would get really messy. Enter Evernote, which I had been using on and off since it first debuted -- the days when it saved things as just a single long stream of text. I went through my entire folder structure -- everything from contacts to account info and receipts to... well, whatever. Unless I needed to save the message itself (in a CYA sorta way), I moved them into Evernote. Soon enough my Evernote folder structure approximated my (now defunct) e-mail folder structure. Now my e-mail has a handful of small folders, and Evernote is loaded with all the stuff I might need. Even better, it's so much easier to add stuff -- Web clipping or uploading or whatever. No more e-mailing things to myself. And -- just in case Evernote isn't the 100-year company it wants to be -- I can archive all my notes as well. My wife has a monster e-mail account, with literally thousands of messages she's saving for various reasons. So I get a kick whenever she sees my handful of folders with a few dozen messages. (Of course, my Evernote folders are bulging, but that's what it's for.) Anyway, I wanted to share how I found EN to be a nice way to clear out my e-mail, make all those little snippets easy to find (and update), and give me something to show off to others: "Wow, you have a lot of messages in your inbox there. You ever think of maybe getting a note-taking app?"
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