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  1. Yes please add this as an option - I use it all the time in Windows Evernote & its driving me crazy not having in android - to the point I am starting to use other apps on my phone! (and I truly love Evernote - Premium Member for two years!)
  2. Again To Dominik - Thanks for the great app - my one request is that I could have an option to keep old stickys in the stickys folder - ie updating the sticky syncs with evernote but deleting it from the desktop leaves it in the folder - or moves it to my default folder? All The Best - Trav
  3. I would love a solid evernote client for my N8 but for now (or forever!) I just use email to send to my evernote account (or email from my evernote account if I think there is something I might need when I'm out) - it works & covers most my needs - I am also looking at simplenote & the symnote - to see if I can further ease the lack of the evernote client - BUT Evernote is too good (for me) to even think of not using it for the majority or my work.
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