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  1. Really, it's always been terrible. I continued to subscribe in the hope it gradually improves, but however many years later and the app is still just as badly developed as when I first started using it. The search function is cumbersome and annoying, since it insists on replacing your search string with whatever it has matched with, so you can't then tweak it without erasing it and typing new search terms The note editor is more annoying than trying to write a basic webpage using Microsoft Frontpage, back in 1999. You spend more time fighting with formatting and layout issues than actually writing your notes, which is ironic because the whole point of evernote is to record notes. It would be simple to add an option to prevent text from being hyperlinked, but it's been reported for years now and Evernote have clearly decided they prefer not to do it. I'm really done with Evernote. It's time to admit it's just crappy software. They seem to have no understanding of who their audience is, or how people are trying to use the app. They seem to focus on it being a web clipping and sharing platform, which is a shame because there are already lots of competitors for that. All I want is a note-taking app which syncs across platforms, and isn't plagued by constant usability issues like Evernote is.
  2. Id rather they provided an option to disable the spellchecker altogether. Im sure its great that their database is full of correctly spelt words, but when you're typing technical documents (especially bash scripts), it'll often change what you've typed with little feedback. No spell checker in the world will work well with scripts or programming code, so please just let us disable it.
  3. 'Clear all formatting' is the single most useful feature Id like to see added to Evernote. Its really annoying that if I copy a table cell, or text with some funky line spacing, Evernote tries to preserve it as some hybrid HTML, without any options to disable this. I then have to copy it all, paste it into a flat text editor, paste it back into evernote and reapply any simple formatting like bold, italic etc. Seriously thinking about going back to VoodooPad and Dropbox. Right now the Evernote editor feels like Frontpage from 1991
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