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  1. Id rather they provided an option to disable the spellchecker altogether. Im sure its great that their database is full of correctly spelt words, but when you're typing technical documents (especially bash scripts), it'll often change what you've typed with little feedback. No spell checker in the world will work well with scripts or programming code, so please just let us disable it.
  2. 'Clear all formatting' is the single most useful feature Id like to see added to Evernote. Its really annoying that if I copy a table cell, or text with some funky line spacing, Evernote tries to preserve it as some hybrid HTML, without any options to disable this. I then have to copy it all, paste it into a flat text editor, paste it back into evernote and reapply any simple formatting like bold, italic etc. Seriously thinking about going back to VoodooPad and Dropbox. Right now the Evernote editor feels like Frontpage from 1991
  3. Same problem here too. I reported it to Evernote/Skitch support Support suggested deleting Skitch, rebooting your mac, and then reinstalling Skitch, but this had no effect for me. They now say they are looking into it, but cant offer a solution at the moment I hope this is fixed soon, its a showstopper for me as far as Skitch is concerned
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