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  1. If Android is making you edit a note line by line it is because when/how you transferred the note it has web formatting in the note. Try this, on a PC/mac copy the note out to a plain text editor such as notepad, etc, then copy that and paste in to a new note. It will not remove the formatting if you use Word or other rich text editor. Save and then try to edit on your android device. It worked for me. I too would like Evernote to be able to be opened in multi-window so I can review one research note while I am writing in another note. I see several posts where people are asking for this feature. A Browncoat stated it is in the backlog, but on the list. No timeframe though. I have been meaning to try S-Note and Evernote in multi-window. I have the Note 3 and apparently S-Note syncs with Evernote. Though i have not tried it yet to see if it's feasible. Hope that helps, -Chad
  2. Why didn't I get an iPad? The simple answers are that I'm a windows developer and because my cell provider did not have IPhone, I went Android. I have bought apps for Android and don't want to buy them all over again. Plus, I've started learning Android apps development. It just make good sense for me to buy Mac computers and iPads when I have those needs covered. Now if/when I get deeper in to mobile app development, you bet I'll need to get an iPad and ofc you need a Mac to compile/deploy Apple apps. But that day is not today. Heh.
  3. With the advent of tablets with keyboards (Bluetooth or otherwise). I think the future is just about here to put longer writing on the mobile devices. I have the Asus Transformer Prime and that has a keyboard docking station. It's a fast, mobile laptop with no boot time. I'd love to be able to use Evernote to write stories more efficiently. If you think of a story as a Notebook, and each Note as chapters/scenes, then a big chunk of what needs to be added is functionality to order/re-order scenes/chapters. I suppose a corkboard and outliner function as well. Like Scrivener, it keeps the files separate until you decide to merge/compile. I see a huge chunk of what Scrivener does already existing in Evernote. This could provide some great functionaliy for not just writers, but others such as lawyers, academics, students, etc. I use Scrivener for Windows and I have Android devices, not Apple so I don't have a mobile option for Scrivener and fewer writing apps. C'est la vie.
  4. First off, is this the correct method to submit feature requests? I would like the ability to create templates for notes. How I envision this working would be a new option for Template and would create a note from a template. This would keep the standard new note clean and quick. But for those of us that often enter info in a specific format, it would prevent a lot of repetitive typing. One additional option would be a setting so we could choose if a template would be used with the standard create note functionality. I could see this being useful for third party developers when they want specific formatting, et al. I have been starting to use my Android tablet to write technical specifications which have about 25 sections I fill in my info. I have been trying to copy-paste in to Evernote on the PC, but I need to muck with formatting and often just leave it until I put the note in to MS Word for comsumption of our team. A second feature request would be the ability to copy/clone a note without needing to go in to the first note, select all-copy then paste in to a new note. It could be an alternative to having a template option. It could also be an alternative to a version history/restore though not an optimal solution. Thanks in advance, -Chadwick
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