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  1. I use the labs split screen view in my gmail which means that the 'Open conversation in Gmail' link does not work when using the gmail clipper. So, is it possible to replace this with a dynamically created 'search' query based on the email subject instead? For instance, if I receive a mail titled 'Work Request', the URL of the link back would be 'https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?shva=1#search/work+request' I know I can do this manually but I'm lazy
  2. Love the gmail clipper integration but would love to see the following implemented: So I receive a work request from a client which I clip into evernote using the gmail clipper, then receive further emails as part of the same conversation thread that I then want to also clip to append as notes to my TODO as part of the same evernote. I can't find a way of doing this other than letting it create a new note and then merging them. If I do merge them though I get duplicate email history from both clips which is not ideal. Would love to see this done similar to this: Match with an existing note based on the email subject and then replace everything between two markers in the note with the entire email thread or append just the new bits. eg --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title: Re work request blah blah blah, my notes on the email are all here, lahdeda etc etc - Text / graphics / checklists etc //** everything between these markers is replaced by either the complete email thread if that's what I've selected in the clipper or, appended to the bottom (but still within the markers) if I've only selected new replies **// outside of the markers I can write other notes as well, here at the bottom for example --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I like that the gmail clipper adds a link back to the original email so I could just have the initial request clipped and follow the link back when I want to pick up the entire thread. *but* I like to use the labs split view in gmail which doesn't properly expose a perma link back so this does not work for me
  3. Is there a timeline for clipper integration with the new google INBOX?
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