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  1. At the moment this option doesn't have any effect (latest public build).
  2. Nobody sharing this opinion? Word has such a feature since some versions.
  3. Hello, when copy'n'pasting formatted text from websites to Evernote, I - of course - use Ctrl+V. But then the fonts in my note are all different. I know herefor I have to type Ctrl+Shift+V ("Paste as text" or similar). But this is quite annoying because Ctrl+V is so deep in my mind that I always press it when pasting something. So I most of the time press Ctrl+V, Ctrl+Z (Undo), Ctrl+Shift+V Is thery a chance that you, as it is in Office 2010, add an option to the preferences saying 'Default paste behavior: [formatted text | plain text]'? Thanks in advance. Bye The_UnknownX
  4. Thanks for the hints. I use stacks now. I personally like hierarchies more than flat structures as tags are. I think it's just personal taste
  5. Hello, a simple question: Is it possible to organize my notes in folders? I don't like the tagging strategy Bye The_UnknownX
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