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  1. I think gazumped and a couple of others don't understand what he's asking about. I have evernote AND onenote. Each has certain functions the other does not. I prefer so many things about the Evernote, but, docking is just crucial for me. When you press the dock button it just attaches itself the the right side of your open window. I can have 20 tabs open in that window and as I jump from tab to tab the onenote stays open right on the side and I can just grab images and flick them over there with out 'changing' processes' or windows to do it; sometimes when I press the window or the evernote a certain way it either expands or minimizes; just - whatever.... YES I have been using evernote, it's fast and functional, I love it; but when I'm doing images, I'll have to stick with the easy dock easy flick one note for now. To a few, don't be so arrogant about it, right? Not everybody's the same. I tried the side by side with the evernote and it just doesn't look right, and I just don't like it that way.
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