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  1. It seems I answered my own question. You can click the little blue tag icon on the top right and choose which tags are part of the search, and add or remove tags being searched. I liked being able to see my search tags across the top view better, because I didn't have the extra step of clicking the icon to know what my current search criteria is, but maybe I'll get used to this...
  2. I need this as well for Mac. I just upgraded EN v3 -> v5. We used to be able to search on multiple tags which would show up just above the list view. Then you could delete any of the tags from the search as well. Example: I have To-Do as a tag (which is every todo item I have). I also have tags called 'School', 'Math' and 'Science'. - A todo for my science class would be tagged all three 'To-Do', 'School' & 'Science'. - A todo for my math class would be tagged all three 'To-Do', 'School' & 'Math'. I could search for notes with tags 'To-Do' + 'School' + 'Science' and know what I have to do in Science class. I could then delete the 'Science' tag from the search and see all 'To-Do' + 'School' (including both Math and Science). I could then delete 'School' from the search and see all To-Do items. Is there a way to implement this in Mac?
  3. VIVA V3 !!! I have designed the organization of my personal and professional life around Evernote, but I stopped using Evernote completely once v5 came out, due to sheer frustration. I rolled back (the very minute I found out how) to v3.3.0 (300201) for the following reasons: 1. Version 3 is perfect. Why mess with perfection? It is really excellent and I have no complaints. 2. The tags were simple and intuitive in v3. They were easy to nest, with a simple drag and drop. In v5 this didn't work very well. 3. Light grey in v3 (for the sidebar) is a much nicer color then the black in v5. The v5 color schemes made me feel claustrophobic. 4. In v5, when you create a new note it isn't as easy (as v3) to set the TAG. - In v3 I hit <command> N to create a new note, then type in the title, then hit <tab> and start typing in the TAG name, and it auto-finds the TAG. Then I hit <tab> and start typing the note. - In v5 the order has been changed so this doesn't work as streamlined. I appreciate implementing new features, but I would prefer you not change the features we have already. At least please make available the ability to maintain the classic functionality and UI.
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