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  1. To NoterDaily... Thanks. Mystery solved. I'm on a Mac. I had to use the "command " key to pluck out the desired notes. Your using the ALT key on your PC made my light bulb come on. Thanks.
  2. Similar question as xerus... I have attempted to use the TOC function, and have done so successfully on the first iteration. However, I now want to add to it or perhaps direct one of the linked TOC items to a different note. I assumed that I could simply grab the Note Link from the new document and insert it in the TOC (for the one I wished to replace), but for some reason, the newly-inserted link disappears. Very reproducible. Also, (perhaps a different topic) I'd like to reorder the notes I'd like to insert into a TOC. It seems that I have to generate the TOC and then edit the TOC to get it in the proper order. By default, it seems that the notes I grab have to be in either the order of creation or alphabetical order. My point of reference is Adobe Acrobat which permits me to take multiple documents, shuffle them around into a preferred order, and then generate a combined pdf. Is there a way that I can select the specific notes that I want to go into a TOC, organize those selected, and then generate the TOC? Finally, when I construct a TOC, do all the notes have to be adjoining, such as #1, #2, #3, #4? Or can I select #1, #3, #6, etc.? Thanks. Rick
  3. Another "me too" for the ability to modify keyboard shortcuts.... Specifically, I use the date/time shortcut frequently with a lot of my entries, but I usually go back and increase the font size and make it bold so it will stand out. I could think of other unique tweeks, but the date/time change is the one I'd use the most. Any potential for a change here? Thanks. Rick
  4. Thanks to all for the input... Gieglas, I plan to further explore your links. It provides some solid direction. Junto
  5. I suspect that bits and pieces of the application I'd like to address can be found in many of the forums (Organization, GTD, Productivity, etc), but perhaps there is one forum that most specifically addresses my application. As an engineer who tracks projects (design, scoping, demolition, installation, and eventual operation) I would like to use a "template" that could be populated and delivered to the ultimate customer. For example, if I were renovating a house with a new layout, drawings, appliances, etc, I'd like to deliver a comprehensive package of before/after photos, maintenance manuals, logs, etc. What would be the best forum in which to kick around these ideas? Thanks.
  6. Earlier this year, I introduced my wife to Evernote and now I'm doing the same with my 17 yr old son who is considering college in a year. Part of the exercise involves pulling together some ideas for his college essay. We're planning to share a notebook of ideas he can use. We've been fortunate to have been able to travel to Africa a couple of times. The cultural experiences have been a great learning for him. Having a shared notebook allows us to compile the different experiences and present a few ideas he might elect to use in his essay. Rick
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