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  1. Along this line, I used to be able to insert the day-of-the-week + date via a shortcut, the format for which was selected via the Preference section. Will this be coming back? I used it a lot. Rick ============= Later: Thanks to CalS who pointed me in the direction of PhraseExpress.com, which provided an excellent solution, not to mention the price was great (free). I tripped through the menu and was able to set up a separate folder for Evernote-specific shortcuts. I called my desired shortcut "Log Date". There is flexibility to generate your desired date format, but I
  2. To NoterDaily... Thanks. Mystery solved. I'm on a Mac. I had to use the "command " key to pluck out the desired notes. Your using the ALT key on your PC made my light bulb come on. Thanks.
  3. Similar question as xerus... I have attempted to use the TOC function, and have done so successfully on the first iteration. However, I now want to add to it or perhaps direct one of the linked TOC items to a different note. I assumed that I could simply grab the Note Link from the new document and insert it in the TOC (for the one I wished to replace), but for some reason, the newly-inserted link disappears. Very reproducible. Also, (perhaps a different topic) I'd like to reorder the notes I'd like to insert into a TOC. It seems that I have to generate the TOC and then edit the TOC t
  4. Another "me too" for the ability to modify keyboard shortcuts.... Specifically, I use the date/time shortcut frequently with a lot of my entries, but I usually go back and increase the font size and make it bold so it will stand out. I could think of other unique tweeks, but the date/time change is the one I'd use the most. Any potential for a change here? Thanks. Rick
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