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  1. Browsers, in general, will most likely always present challenges for Evernote specifically, but other plug-ins, etc. that operate within that ever evolving environment as well. Even if Evernote just concentrates its development on the most used web browsers, the two major operating systems add to the possibility of various problems occurring with each new iteration.
  2. These are my initial observations as a beta-tester. The attached image shows content from one page of my Evernote desktop version & web-based beta version. As you can see, the web-based beta version is twice as long as my desktop version. Hyperlinks are displayed in my web-based beta version and the images in the table of the web-based beta version are not centered as they are in the table of my desktop version.
  3. Just to confirm, I have also been experiencing this problem with the changing 'view states' of PDF files within notes on my iMac with my most recent version of the Evernote desktop application (7.5 (457109)). This did not occur at all with any of the previous versions of Evernote so perhaps this issue can be resolved after closer examination of this PDF behavoir.
  4. Thank you for your response. Greatly appreciated. I've noticed that access to this folder (whether through a maze of folders or menu/key combinations) seems to change periodically. I've been using Evernote since version one back in 2005.
  5. I am currently using Evernote (Version 6.12.1 - 455453 Direct) on my iMac. Where is the 'CONTENT' folder (that contains all of the individual notes) located? In advance, thank you for your assistance with this.
  6. Thank you for your reply, gazumped. In a given year I have thousands of notes in hundreds of notebooks so the 'exporting' option would be a very tedious and time consuming process for me. What I've been doing for the last 5 years is saving my 'steve_s' folder (containing 12 folders & 5 files) to an external hard drive which has been a simple drag and drop process. The size of this folder is typically several GB. The content of my notes generally consists of text, various images, audio & videos files. Up until very recently I was able to locate this folder (which was in a different location on my Windows system and my Mac system). That is no longer the case. This is why I'm specifically asking for the location of that main folder that contains everything. This way if I need to find a specific file from a past year within Evernote, I simply (temporarily) replace the current folder with an older version folder on my hard drive.
  7. Where are the folders (on both Windows & Mac) located on my hard drives that contain all of my (ever)notes? I would like to save an entire year's worth of notes onto an external hard drive allowing for yearly archive storage. In advance, thank you for your assistance with this.
  8. After conferring with an Evernote Second Level Support Technician, the following information can now be revealed: The location of the Evernote folder on my 27" iMac (with Mac OS X 10.8.2 - Mountain Lion) is: /Library/Containers/com.evernote.Evernote/Data/Library/Application Support/Evernote/account/<your username>/
  9. Thanks again for your response. Yes, I want to save a copy of the entire contents of the Evernote folder (which, at present, I still have not located) so that I can save all of my 2012 notes separately. How would I do that? I would like to be able to access my 2012 notes / folder later on to reference certain items when necessary. I want to begin the new year with an empty / clean evernote folder.
  10. I will contact live chat support tomorrow to attempt to resolve this issue. I really need to find that Evernote folder so that I can save an entire year's worth of notes (somer 2,000 notes) from 2012 and start a new year of notes. Thank you for your assistance with this issue. Very much appreciated.
  11. This is my first Fusion drive so I cannot rule out that that could be a factor. I looked into the hidden files option but couldn't find a specific box to check/uncheck if this option exists on my system.
  12. I installed the application on my iMac hard drive. This iMac is less than a week old. The only remnant of Evernote that spotlight finds is the Evernote app file that launches the application. I know what to look for because I had the Evernote application installed on my previous iMac hard drive for 6 years.
  13. I did as you said and I came up with 0 results. And, yes, I waited ten minutes before doing the search after I created the new random digits note in Evernote. And, yes, I copied and pasted so there were no errors and/or omissions from the note to the search box.
  14. Thanks, I'll try that, but I really need to find someone here who is using Evernote 4.0.5 on the Mac OS X Mountain Lion operating system. There is obviously a difference between that operating system and Snow Leopard regarding the location of the Evernote folder. I have no idea why the location of the Evernote folder would be different but that's what's happened in my case.
  15. Library & application support folders screenshots: http://www.smallwood.us/SampleImages/LibraryFolder.png http://www.smallwood.us/SampleImages/ApplicationSupportFolder.png
  16. Yes, I did check the other location that was suggested. Just to confirm, I do not even have a folder labeled 'Container' on my system.
  17. Thank you for your response. I have the version downloaded directly from Evernote but unfortunately the file is not located at: UserID\Library\Application Support\Evernote . That's the first place that I checked and it is simply not there. Would you have any other suggestions on where it could possibly be located? I'm stumped.
  18. Where is the Mac OS X (Mountain Lion) Evernote version 5.0.4 document folder located? I recently purchased a new 27" iMac after having previously used an iMac with Mac OS X (Snow Leopard). The location of the Evernote document folder on my previous iMac was located at: User\Library\Application Support\Evernote In advance, thank you for your response(s) to my question.
  19. Catastrophe averted. It seems that Evernote just required a very long start-up process to recover from its severe crash. Upon 'getting back up' it dutifully composed a certified crash report (which I sent off) and went into its standard operation mode as it previously had done before the major crash.
  20. Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, their server is being updated so that's not an option to use right now. Just thought that someone here might be of assistance in lieu of technical support.
  21. Operating system: Mac OS X 10.6.8 Evernote: latest version During a routine copy and paste, Evernote crashed. Upon restarting the program, it no longer opens. I rebooted my operating system and tried to relaunch the program but I'm still unable to get it to open. What is the recommended course of action in a situation like this? Should I download the program from evernote.com and overwrite the existing corrupted file or is there some other solution that might resolve this more efficiently?
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